C/N: 3168    L.Model: 182-1A

Status: wfu  

  • Country
  • Model
  • Reg/Tail Number
  • Operator
  • Squadron
  • C-130A
  • 57-0461
  • USAF
  • DC-130A
  • 570461
  • USN
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Aircraft History
Date Status Model Reg Owner/Operator Command Division Wing Group Squadron Flight Location    
 1958-03-XXactC-130A57-0461  USAF 317 TCW
        Delivered:  USAF
 1965-XX-XXactDC-130A57-0461  USAF 350 SRS
 1995-09-XXactDC-130A570461  USN
 2001-01-XXwfuDC-130A570461  USN
        Note:  struck from USN inventory. To be used as live fire target? To museum?
NOTE: Exact dates in the database will be displayed as such (2012-07-14). All other dates are approximations or date the data was reported.
Aircraft History Status Legend
  act  Active  des  Destroyed  emb  Embargoed  ia  Instructional Airframe
  pre  Preserved  pro  Production  wfu  Withdraen from use  w/o  Written off   
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