C/N: 4039    L.Model: 382-8B

Status: act  

  • Country
  • Model
  • Reg/Tail Number
  • Operator
  • Squadron
  • C-130E
  • 64-0546
  • USAF
  • C-130H
  • 841
  • SwAF
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Aircraft History
Date Status Model Reg Owner/Operator Command Division Wing Group Squadron Flight Location    
 1965-02-XXactC-130E64-0546  USAF
        Note:  Sold back to Lockheed by USAF prior to delivery
 1965-02-XXactC-130E84001  SwAF
        Note:   Leased from Lockheed
 1965-09-XXactC-130E84001  SwAF F 7 Såtenä
        Note:  Sold to Sweeden
 1965-09-XXactC-130E84001  SwAF F 7 Såtenä
        Mishap:  #1 prop boke off and hit fuselage when the left main gear sank throughsoft grass surface at Flugebyn Airfeild north of Karlsgorg Sweden. Repaired.
Exact date unknown, between 1965-09 and 1968-08

 1968-08-XXactC-130ESE-XBT  SwAF F 7 Såtenä
        Note:   Leased to Swedish Red Cross for relief operations in Biafra 1968-08 through 1968-10
 1968-08-XXactC-130ESE-XBT  SwAF F 7 Såtenä
        Paint/Markings:  White
 1975-02-xxactC-130E84001  SwAF F 7 Såtenä
        Paint/Markings:   camo
 1980-07-XXactC-130E841  SwAF F 7 Såtenä
 1987-08-XXactC-130H841  SwAF F 7 Såtenä
 1992-01-XXactC-130H841  SwAF F 7 Såtenä
        Paint/Markings:   dark green camo with black numbers.
 1999-11-XXactC-130H841  SwAF F 7 Såtenä
        Paint/Markings:  light gray with black markings, flag on tail
 2000-06-XXactC-130H841  SwAF F 7 Såtenä
        Paint/Markings:  First C-130 in Europe
 2005-01-XXactC-130H841  SwAF F 7 Såtenä Sogerma
        Note:   APU/ECS Mod
NOTE: Exact dates in the database will be displayed as such (2012-07-14). All other dates are approximations or date the data was reported.
Aircraft History Status Legend
  act  Active  des  Destroyed  emb  Embargoed  ia  Instructional Airframe
  pre  Preserved  wfu  Withdraen from use  w/o  Written off   
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