C/N: 4839    L.Model: 382G-46C

Status: des  

  • Country
  • Model
  • Reg/Tail Number
  • Operator
  • Squadron
  • L-100-30
  • N4110M
  • Lockheed Corp.
  • L-100-30
  • D2-EHD
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Aircraft History
Date Status Model Reg Owner/Operator Command Division Wing Group Squadron Flight Location    
 1980-03-XXactL-100-30N4110M  Lockheed Corp. Marietta, GA
        Note:  used as Lockheed demonstrator
 1981-10-XXactL-100-30D-ACWF  Wirtschaftsflug Frankfurt, West Germany
        Delivered:  Wirtschaftsflug
 1983-11-XXwfuL-100-30N3847Z  Lockheed Frankfurt, West Germany
         repossesed by Lockheed; stored at Frankfurt 1983 -- 1984.
 1984-12-XXactL-100-30D2-EHD  IAS Guernsey Dundo, Angola
         operated for ENDIAMA (Angolan state diamnond mines) and flown and maintained by Transafrik.
 1986-02-XXactL-100-30D2-EHD  IAS Guernsey Dundo, Angola
        Mishap:  Op for Diamang, hit by SAM at 9,000ft on departure from Dundo, Angola. Unpon landing, right wing burned off. Repaired in place.
 1990-01-XXactL-100-30D2-EHD  ENDIAMA Dundo, Angola
        Note:  Flown by Transsfrik crew
 1991-04-05actL-100-30T-650  Angolan Air Force Luanda, Angola
        Note:  Taken by and flown for Angolan Air Force for 5 days.
 1993-01-XXactL-100-30D2-EHD   ENDIAMA Luena, Angola
        Mishap:  Hit by RPG on departure from Luena, Angola. Returned to land. Temp repair; 3-engine ferry to Luanda
 1993-02-XXactL-100-30D2-EHD   ENDIAMA Luanda
        Mishap:  Luanda 1993-02-XX and on to Lisbon (OGMA) for repairs.
 1993-07-XXactL-100-30D2-EHD   ENDIAMA Luanda
        Mishap:  Back to Luanda
 1994-09-XXactL-100-30D2-EHD   ENDIAMA MoC
        Note:  MoC for D-Check
 1999-01-02desL-100-30D2-EHD  ENDIAMA Huambo, Angola
        Crash:  shot down by UNITA rebels on departure from Huambo, Angola. Low level searching for wreckage of S9-CAO (4561) which was shot down the week before by UNITA departing Huambo.
NOTE: Exact dates in the database will be displayed as such (2012-07-14). All other dates are approximations or date the data was reported.
Aircraft History Status Legend
  act  Active  des  Destroyed  emb  Embargoed  ia  Instructional Airframe
  pre  Preserved  pro  Production  wfu  Withdraen from use  w/o  Written off   
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