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 Date LPN Model Status Reg: Owner/Operator Command Division Wing Group Squadron Flight Location
2004-07-XX 3993 C-130E wfu 4X-FBO   IDFAF
Delivered:  Stored Israel
2004-07-22 3912 C-130E wfu 63-7842   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF0210
2004-06-02 3651 C-130E wfu 61-2359   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note:  CF0209
2004-05-XX 4133 HC-130P act 65-0981   USAF 71 RQS
Paint/Markings: MY on tail
2004-05-00 4022 C-130E pre 64-0533   USAF Elmendorf AFB Museum
2004-04-XX 5071 C-130H act 85-1361   USAF 181 TAS
Paint/Markings: silver TEXAS on blue stripe
2004-04-XX 3809 C-130E pre 62-1846   USAF Idaho Military Museum
2004-03-XX 4693 C-130H i/a 74-1693   USAF Pope AFB, NC
Note: fuselage only
2004-02-XX 3058 C-130A des 3605   FAM
Note:  Scrapped?
2004-01-XX 3637 C-130B des 993   Chilean AF
Note: scrapped, cockpit saved
2004-01-XX 3752 C-130E i/a 62-1798   USAF MAC Alpena CRTC, MI
Note: ground trainer scrapped on location-Alpena, MI
2003-12-XX 3834 C-130E i/a 63-7768   USAF AETC Sheppard AFB, TX
Note: crew chief trainer
2003-11-XX 3724 C-130B act 401   SAAF
2003-11-XX 3705 KC-130F act 149808   USMC VX-20
2003-10-00 3792 C-130E pre 62-1829   USAF Little Rock AFB University Center Jacksonville, AR
2003-09-XX 3850 EC-130E des 63-7783   USAF Lockheed Martin Aero Palmdale, CA
Note: cut up
2003-09-XX 3939 EC-130H des 63-7869   USAF
Note: cut up. Mission equipment to EC-130J 5490
2003-09-19 3025 C-130A w/o 10603   FAM
Crash:  Near La Quemada, Mexico. In flight fire. Was this aircraft broken-up?
2003-08-XX 4882 C-130H act 1214   UAE AF
Paint/Markings: gray
2003-07-XX 3943 C-130E act 3613   Mexican AF
Note: sold to Mexico 3612/3613?
2003-06-XX 3663 C-130E pre 61-2362   USAF Little Rock, AFB
2003-06-19 3843 C-130E i/a 63-7777   USAF AF Research Labs, Kirtland AFB, NM
2003-04-XX 3162 C-130A wfu FAP-393   Peruvian AF
Note: in storage, no wings
2003-03-XX 4198 C-130K act 8T-CA   
2003-03-XX 5252 C-130H act 474   RSAF 4 Squadron
Paint/Markings: brown and brown
2003-02-XX 3177 C-130A pre OB-1395   Peruvian AF Lima International Airport
Note: cockpit preserved at entrance of Grupo 8 base.
2003-02-XX 3855 C-130E wfu 63-7788   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF 0205
2003-02-11 3890 C-130E wfu 63-7882   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF0201
2003-02-00 3091 C-130A wfu FAP385   FAP
Note: Storage, no wings
2002-XX-XX 3079 C-130A wfu 56-0471   ARM International
2002-XX-XX 3984 C-130E wfu 64-0500   USAF
Note: Forward Fuselage to Tahlequah, OK
20XX-XX-XX 3006 C-130A b/u 53-3134   Dross Metal Inc
Note:  Shredded
2002-12-XX 3178 C-130A ia 57-0471   USAF Sheppard AFB
Note: fuel trainer
2002-12-XX 3845 C-130E ia 63-7779   USAF 361 TRS Sheppard TTC
Note: no tail
2002-12-XX 3746 GC-130E i/a 62-1795   USAF 360 TRS Sheppard AFB, TX
Note: Crew Chief trainer
2002-11-XX 3849 TC-130G act N93849   DMI
Note: no nose
2002-10-XX 3553 C-130B act S3-AGA   Bangladesh AF 101 SFU C-130 FLT Base Bashar, Dhaka Cantt
Delivered: Bangladesh AF
2002-09-XX 3638 HC-130B des CG1346   
Note: to be scrapped, replaced by 3695
2002-08-XX 3793 C-130E des 62-1830   USAF
Note: broken-up and sold for scrap
2002-08-00 3147 C-130A b/u 56-0539   USAF Little Rock AR
Note: Hulk for sale
2002-06-XX 3018 C-130A act N117TG   International Air Response
2002-06-XX 4968 C-130H act 82-0054   USAF 144 TAS
Paint/Markings: ANCHORAGE in black stripe with yellow border
2002-06-17 3146 C-130A des N130HP   Hawkins and Powers
Crash:  Wing broke off during firefighting flight due to Fatigue. Near Walker,CA.
2002-03-XX 3510 C-130B act TS-MTJ   Tunisian AF
2002-02-13 4163 MC-130P des 66-0213   USAF 9 SOS
Crash: Flew into rising terrain in poor visibility. The MC-130P was operating as "Ditka 03" on a special ops mission refueling MH-47E Chinook helicopters.
2002-02-12 3619 KC-130F des 148895   USMC
Crash: engine failure during touch and go at 28 Palms, CA
201X-XX-XX 3647 C-130B act S3-AGC   Bangladesh AF UN Peace keeping operation, DRC
Note: Member entry, unsure of exact date
2002-01-XX 3774 C-130E i/a 62-1812   USAF 365 TRS Sheppard AFB
Note: avionics trainer
2002-01-XX 4342 AC-130H wfu 69-6568   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
2002-01-09 4702 KC-130R des 160021   USMC
Crash:  into mountain on approach to Shamsi, 270 km southwest of Quetta, Pakistan

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