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 Date LPN Model Status Reg: Owner/Operator Command Division Wing Group Squadron Flight Location
2002-01-00 3111 C-130A wfu 56-0503   Dross Metal In
2001-12-XX 3057 C-130A b/u Peruvian A   FAP
Note: Scrapped
2001-12-XX 3191 C-130D-6 des FAP-383   Peruvian AF Lima, Peru
Note: Scrapped
2001-12-XX 3209 C-130A des 57-0502   RAAF
Note: Damaged in storm, scrapped
2001-12-00 5408 C.4 act ZH865   RAF
2001-10-XX 3767 C-130B act 406   SAAF
Paint/Markings: 40 Years SAAF Hercs on tail
2001-08-XX 4150 HC-130H act 65-0989   USAF
Name: Mr. Happy
2001-07-XX 3737 GC-130E i/a 62-1790   USAF 365 TRS Sheppard AFB, TX
2001-06-XX 3203 GC-130A b/u 57-0496   USN
Note: b/u Deleted from USN inventory
2001-06-XX 3840 C-130E act 4X-FBI   Indonesian AF
Paint/Markings: 314 on nose
2001-05-XX 5271 C-130H act 1313   Taiwanese Air Force
2001-05 4984 C-130Q act N130AR   NSF
Paint/Markings: NCAR on aft fuselage
2001-04-XX 4800 L-100-30 act A-1314   Indonesian AF 17 Sq
Note: VIP
2001-04-XX 4583 C-130H act CNA-OF   Royal Morocan AF
Paint/Markings:  Sand camo
2001-04-XX 3164 C-130A pre 57-0457   Pima Air Museum
Note: on display
2001-04-XX 3766 C-130B act 24141   Pakistan AF
Paint/Markings: green and brown camo
2001-04-XX 3702 C-130B act 23492   PAF
Paint/Markings: green and tan
2001-03-XX 3716 GC-130E i/a 61-2371   USAF Sheppard AFB, TX
Note: avionics trainer
2001-01-XX 3168 DC-130A wfu 570461   USN
Note: struck from USN inventory. To be used as live fire target? To museum?
2000-XX-XX 3650 HC-130B wfu 61-2083   USAF
Note: Cockpit at Boeing for Amp testing. Unsure of date after 2001-03-XX?
2000-12-XX 5501 WC-130J act 99-5309   USAF AAFRES 53 WRS
Delivered: USAF
2000-12-XX 3924 C-130E wfu 63-7854   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF0194
2000-12-02 5503 C-130J act MM62178   Italian AF
Delivered:  Italian AF
2000-11-XX 5433 C-130H act 96-7324   USAF 731 AS
Paint/Markings: gray with blue/white tail stripe
2000-10-XX 3224 C-130A wfu XA-RSH   Aero Postal de Mexico
Note:  no nose leg, etc
2000-10-00 5480 C-130J act ZH882   RAF Lyneham
2000-09-XX 4778 C-130H act 16805   Portugese AF Esc 501
Paint/Markings: brown/green cam, gray bottom
2000-09-06 3086 C-130A des N116TG   USAF 133 TAS
Crash:  Burzet, France fighting forest fire, killing two of the four crewmen on board. The aircraft struck a ridge while preparing for a second drop on the fire.
2000-07-26 4073 HC-130H des 348   Jordanian AF
Crash: after take-off from al-Mafraq Air Base, 50 Km north of Amman
2000-06-XX 3223 C-130A ia 57-0516    US Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD
Note: explosive target. Was this aircraft destroyed?
20XX-XX-XX 3011 C-130A b/u 54-1624   National Aircraft
Note: Scrapped
2000-05-XX 3557 C-130B act 721   Singapore AF
2000-05-XX 3914 C-130E act 4X-FBI   IDFAF
Paint/Markings: 314 on nose
2000-05-00 3087 C-130A wfu 3606   FAM
Note: Parked for parts?
2000-04-XX 3883 C-130E i/a 63-7813   USAF 360 TRS Sheppard AFB, TX
Note: crew chief trainer
2000-03-XX 3021 C-130A ia 54-1634   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note:  ABDR Trainer
2000-03-XX 3023 C-130A wfu TAM64   FAB La Paz
Note: No engines
2000-03-XX 3200 C-130D pre 57-0493   Pima Air Museum
Note: stored, awaiting restoration
2000-03-XX 3205 C-130A des 97-205   RAAF
Note: Broken up at Holsworthy
2000-03-XX 3508 C-130B ia 58-0713   USAF Hurlburt Feild, FL
Note: cockpit used for AC-130U simulator. Fuselage scrapped 2005-05-XX
2000-03-XX 3745 HC-130B des 1349   USCG
Note: hulk, scrapped
2000-03-XX 3876 C-130E wfu 63-7807   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: no outer wings
2000-03-00 3135 C-130A wfu 56-0527   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note:  CF051 No Props
2000-03-00 3144 C-130A wfu CP-2187   Bolivan AF La Paz
Note: No engines.
2000-01-XX 4185 MC-130P act 66-0223   USAF 130 RQS
2000-01-XX 4620 C-130H act 74-1670   USAF 40 AS
Note: restricted
2000-01-XX 3875 C-130E i/a 63-7806   USARMY Ft Monmouth, NJ
Note: ground trainer
2000-01-XX 3683 C-130B pre FAE 897   FAE Museo Aeronautico Park
19XX-XX-XX 3226 C-130A wfu 57-0519   CIA Camp Peary, VA
Note: wings removed
199X-XX-XX 3213 C-130A des 57-0506   Total Aerospace Manilla, Phillipines
Note: broken-up for parts

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