C-130 History 29 Dec
Det 1 314 TAW C-130E(I) 64-0547, c/n 4040 crashed into mountain 65 kilometers northeast of Dien Bien Phu, after dropping leaflets. Only combat loss of an C-130E(I).
Transamerica L-100 c/n 4101 destroyed on ground as it landed Cafunfo, Angola during UNITA guerrilla attack. Electric buss panel fire due to gunfire spread, hull burnt out. Pilot, flight engineer survive groundfire and are captured by UNITA, repatriated through the Red Cross after a month; first officer, two Diamang couriers, killed by gunfire
15 SOS MC-130H 85-0012, c/n 5054 crash landing. Landed on a runway in Iraq that was undergoing maintenance. The aircraft was destroyed but fortunately there were no deaths.