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Aero Precision - Premier C130 Aftermarket Support
Aero Precision - Premier C130 Aftermarket Support
Aero Precision - Premier C130 Aftermarket Support
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hello dear all, i'm looking for 1 pc, p/n 370512-1R. this is a LEADING EDGE. aircraft is C130J, italian air force. anybody knows who is the mfr for this part? i do not want to through LM. it will be super expensive and too long lead time. thank you

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larry myers

It might be advantageous to contact the Air Force Security Assistance Center at Wright Patterson AFB.  I haven't been in

Assuming your damaged leading edge in not repairable by the IAF.


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      For consolidation purposes, all posts in this thread were moved to the here.
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      Hello all,

      Since joining earlier this year, I have made visits to the forums a part of my daily routine and contributed when I could. There is a lot of knowledge in this community and I learn something new every time I visit.

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