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  1. Yesterday
  2. larry myers

    VOR inoperative

    OK, Tiny. Tell them how to fix it.
  3. Doo

    VOR inoperative

    Hello guys, we’ve been having the NAV flag on the #1 HSI in view. Both receivers were changed as well as the switching relays. the antenna was removed, cleaned and reinstalled, yet there wasnt any improvement.however, after the removal and reinstallation of some of the switching relays, both #1&2 NAV flags remain in view. . Kindly help suggest a solution.
  4. Moeed hassan

    Uncommanded movement of the throttle lever

    Have u check the gemble pully cables length.... Plz ensure the pullyes cables are of proper length and part number... Moreover plz check clutch pully bearings for servicability....
  5. Last week
  6. Gentlemen, I regret to inform you that after ground run of the engines, the creep came back. This is even after replacing the valve housing cover. Our next plan is to swap engine 1 and 4 to see if the problem will transfer.
  7. Mary Barnette MD

    Dyess 130 crash in Turkey circa 1980

    My name is Mary Barnette. My father was Lt. Col Ben Barnette, navigator of the C-130 that was lost outside of Incirlik AFB, Turkey on March 14, 1980. We were told that it was a lightening strike that took down the plane. We had just moved from Incirlik AFB the summer before to Abilene. I remember there being alot of military unrest in Adana. We lived on the main street of Adana and the brick wall around our apartment complex had been dynamited leaving a large hole in it before we left. There were several military parades on the street with tanks around that time. I would not be surprised if the real story was a missile attack. I hope it was lightening. That is easier to swallow. I just wanted to say that I am forever grateful to all of you who worked in the mud protecting and identifying our loved ones remains. I have visited the memorial at Dyess AFB. It is very nice. Thank you to those of you who created that to honor our fallen. I am told that there is also a memorial plaque at Incirlik that the crews salute every time they enter the building. I am so honored to know that you still take the time to remember my father and his crew. Thank you to all of you who have served. God Bless.
  8. munirabbasi

    Engine Starter

    Dear muddasar What is the 100 % RPM of ENG Starter? Regards Munir Abbasi
  9. Further more the problem in gamble the cables are not in proper places .u can check IPB & 76JG ( all 13 cable length with there actuall positon on gamble) u can measure and resolve gamble problem too.
  10. Thank you all for your suggestions. Based on your advise, we replaced the gimbal assembly and carried out rigging of the propeller. The throttle lever creeping has stopped. Again, thanks for your time.
  11. Moeed hassan

    Engine Starter

    Sir my question is which RPM u wanted to know.... I means RATED... NO LOAD CUT OUT or OUT PUT rpm??? Bcoz these all are different
  12. munirabbasi

    Engine Starter

    Engine Starter Turbine RPM? Munir Abbasi
  13. Moeed hassan

    Engine Starter

    On what condition???i Means at what level or stage u wanted to know the RPM???
  14. Ahmer

    prop pitch lock again and again

    If syn system is good and ur prop pitch lock during descending most properly cause it NTS system.if u changed propeller and problem is there so check it NTS bracket may not sticky or not properly working.regards
  15. Hello , any body knows about throttle and condition lever sidewise movement limit at center quardarant in tech order, job guide .
  16. Ahmer

    Xover cut tit

    Ur x over TIT is correct & no need for any further check.its ok
  17. May be problem is with ur gamble or valve housing cover.
  18. Ahmer

    Tail pipe vibration

    Plz inspect your turbine for any damaged. (Boroscope inspection)
  19. Every inspection is every after 540 day & HSC every 270 days. .
  20. Moeed hassan


    My dear respected munir abbasi.....do u means how to consult FI according to reported defect???? Ok cool. It is pretty difficult to write it here but in short first of all u will find the FAULT CODE of your defect in the CONCERNING SYSTEM FI..... after geting code u will have to fine that code in the same FI and then u will b able to isolate that fault according to FI. I THINK IT WOULD B HELPFUL TO U. REGARDS.
  21. Moeed hassan

    Uncommanded movement of the throttle lever

    We have faced same problem once in the past and as pjvr99 said to check the gimble assy... I m sure problem would be there bcoz in over case which was same we finde accessive play in gimble assy... REGARDS.
  22. nascarpop

    Interesting MAFFS video

    Pretty cool!!
  23. munirabbasi


    Moeed Hussain Sb GS/JG/FI/FR are familiar with them, how to coordinate FR with FI Regards Munir Abbasi
  24. Thank you very much. We will install a new gimbal assembly this morning. I will let you know the outcome. Once more, thanks a million.
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