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USAF Aircraft parts identification,maybe Lockheed C130?

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Hello everyone,
I need help with these two American airplane portholes. They come from the former NATO Evreux air base. As you know, at that time, on this air base, there were Fairchild C119 then Lockheed C130.
These two portholes are 34cm wide.
The markings found are: 59 R 12
Hoping you could help me?
Thank you so much.







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Posted (edited)

The Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar fuselage windows had 16 rivet holes (see link)


Your photo clearly shows 20 holes. That said, both items were fabricated by Lockheed 
PN: 337501
Retainer, Fuselage Window
CAGE: 98897 Lockheed
PN: 337501-3
Plenum, Compressor

(Appears to be the PN for plenum chamber valve) - that operates for pressure balancing via the ventilation tube and may also operate as acoustic silencer device. 
CAGE: 98897 Lockheed

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Hi Kevin, thank you for your quick response. Indeed the number of rivets is different, this is very explicit.
So Kevin, the probability that it's a part of Lockheed C130 is by how much in percentage?
Thank you.

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