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Blind Bat aircraft 1969-70 from John Allen

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Sonny, got back from Eglin cant sleep thought I'd get back to you about the Ubon Reunion. Only ran into 1 Blind Bat person just as we were assembling for outside picture by the SR-71. We talked a bit he saw my7 BB pin told him i would see him and give him 1 on return from Hurlburt, this was Wednesday did not see him rest of reunion did not get his name. I will post and see if he responds. A lot of Spectre people in fack the local newspaper did an interview with Spectre guys who crewed  First Lady which sits outside munitions museum by Eglin. Hurlburt was pretty cool. We walked around MC - 130 and were let insiude AC-130U with sensor operators to answer questions later we were given brief on the new AC-130J. I think I surprised the Flight Engineer with the Questions I asked but I finally found out what the bubble or protrusion is just forward of the right wing root up top. I dont think I can talk about it on thgis website for its classified. Hey Ken you still look young in the photos!

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