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  1. Here is a nest, found in the # 1 outboard upper cowling on a J model. Unit was a ANG unit.
  2. Only 7 MAFFS II units now with the loss of the acft, crew and MAFFS unit. Channel Islands flies Js while everyone else is still flying Hs.
  3. A sad day indeed. We are all better off from knowing and working with you. Rest in peace knowing that you truly made a difference in this world we live in.
  4. Published: May 3, 2013 The Associated Press BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan — The emergencies ministry in Kyrgyzstan says a U.S. military plane has crashed in the country. Kyrgyzstan hosts a U.S. base that is used for troops transiting into and out of Afghanistan and for C-135 tanker planes that refuel warplanes in flight. A ministry official who did not give his name said the plane crashed Friday afternoon near the village of Chaldovar, about 100 miles (160 kms) west of the base. The head of the region that includes Chaldovar, Kuralbek Khamaliyev, told The Associated Press by telephone that the plane broke into three pieces when it crashed into an uninhabited area. The U.S. base, called the Manas Transit Center, said it had no immediate information. Additional details indicate it was a McConnell AFB acft and possibly a MacDill crew. No word on survivors but pix do not look promising. http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?226112-Reports-of-USAF-KC-135-crashing-near-Bishkek-Kyrgyzstan
  5. It is strange to see an expensive operational acft (flown into Robins by JT himself) going on display at the museum yet we have no room or expertise to maintain the acft already in the museum. Wonder if they could sell JT's acft and then take the cash to build more facilities or be used to take care of other USAF acft?
  6. KC-10s have a similar barrier net to separate cargo and pax/flight crew to effectively "catch" the load to prevent it from crushing pax/flight crew.
  7. 88-1301-88-1308 were all converted to MC-130Ws a few years ago under the CLR program at Robins. The MC-130Ws were renamed AC-130Ws and all 12 are out at Cannon.
  8. Those were way back in the day...current markings have not been to that fashion for 15-18 years plus. Just what I provided.
  9. The only stencils on the engines are: the engine oil filler door, the fire ext doors and circles around the drain tubes.
  10. Ron It might be something tied to it. I remember as an airman both replacing the upper longerons because of corrosion as well as applying sealant/damming compound. If nothing else, the TCTO in which you are referring to might refer to the earlier TCTO. I appreciate the help. Scott
  11. Guys I'm trying to find out a TCTO number for an old TCTO. I'm pretty sure the TCTO came out in the mid to late 70s and pertained to the T-56 QEC kit. The problem was the upper QEC kit longerons were corroding due to improperly placed drains holes located in the multiple longeron cavities. The drain holes were actually too far from the radius in the corners, thus allowing water to puddle in the radius vs. drain. The TCTO stated to apply sealant or damning compound to the corners and smooth out thus forcing the water to migrate back toward the drain holes for draining. Any help in identifying the TCTO number is greatly appreciated. Thanks Scott
  12. I believe this is the guide book you are referring to. 2012_Federal_benefits_ebook_final.pdf
  13. You can only get the electronic version from Maxwell now. I've been looking and it showed out of supply and then changed to offering electronic copy only.
  14. Here's a pix of an MC-130J...glass sensors placed lower, down by below the cheek windows.
  15. The small turrets are thing as glass sensors...ECM stuff is all I know.
  16. Thanks for all the good info guys...greatly appreciated!
  17. Any idea what operating/unit "FB" on the tail stands for?
  18. I managed to get the production #...found it on an old bob daley list I had stashed. Turns out it is LMCO production # 4022...found one pix in the gallery wearing SEA colors.
  19. Trying to find some information on 64-0533. Right now it's sitting static at Elmo. They are refurbishing the acft and are looking for any information on it, to include pix from the back in the day wearing the SEA paint scheme. I have tried looking at the database to convert to LMCO production # but nothing comes up. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. Here's a pix of it. It shows the glass sensors, forward lights and the Lt and Rt side lights. The color # for the gray paint used to layout the christmas tree/alignment markings in front of the UARSSI is Fed Std 595 color # 36622 gray.
  21. Kind of resembles the rack used on the USMC Harvest Hawk
  22. Global Strike Command came about after all the screw ups with one incident of actually nukes and no one knowing about it and then there was the event that happened with the fuzes/detonators being shipped around. One command in the big scheme of things that is divided in half...one half handling aircraft based weapons and the other handling ground based weapons. I seem to recall it might be broken down even further...nukes vs. non nuke assets.
  23. AFSOC requires everything on the engine to be painted...legacy and Js. This is due to tone-down requirements. In this particular pix, this is a LMCO delivered MJ-130J and note the intake and oil cooler lips are bare metal...USAF drawings require this area to be painted. With regard to legacy and Js, it boils down to different QEC construction. On the legacy acft (non-AFSOC) the intake/oil cooler lips are typically left bare metal. On the Js, their different QEC Kit construction drives the entire lower area is all stainless, therefore paint would not stick well so it's not painted at all.
  24. It's titanium on the Hs and even the Js due to temps associated with APU. It can be painted, as it is on AFSOC acft (for the sake of tone down/camouflage) however the paint does stick to titanium well and the heat does take a toll on the paint, thus requiring reapplication. On a slick where tone down/camouflage is not a concern, it's just as easy to leave bare metal and not worry about it at all.
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