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    Valrico, FL
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    my '55 Chevy, my '85 Monte Carlo SS & my '83 Chevy pick up truck


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    1963 - Tech School, Amarillo AFB, TX (B-47)
    1963 - 1965 C-130B 4th wiper, Langley AFB, VA
    1965 - 1967 C-130B crew chief, Clark AB, PI
    1967 - 1967 discharged; worked for Eastern Airlines on Connies & Electras in Boston
    1967 - reenlisted in USAF (got out as an E-4 A/1C; back in as an E-4 Sgt!)
    1967 - 1970 C-118A flt mech, Rhein Main AB, West Germany
    1970 - 1971 T-29 flt mech/B-52H crew chief, KI Sawyer AFB, MI
    1971 - 1972 C-141A crew chief/Transient Alert, Norton AFB, CA
    1972 - 1973 HC-130P crew chief/QC, Korat RTAFB, Thailand
    1974 - 1977 C-130E crew chief/C-130E/H FE, Dyess AFB, TX
    1977 - 1983 C-130E FEFE, Rhein Main AB, West Germany
    1983 - 1985 C-130H FEFE, Dyess AFB, TX (retired 12/85)
    1985 - 1986 L-100 PFE, St. Lucia Airways (Sudan, Central America)
    1986 - 1986 L-188 PFE, Galaxy Airlines (very short time; it sucked - the company, not the airplane)
    1986 - 1988 L-100 PFE, St. Lucia Airways (Sudan, Zaire, Angola)
    1988 - 1988 L-100 PFE, Tepper Aviation (very short time; it sucked - again, the company, not the airplane)
    1989 - 1991 L-100 PFE, Transafrik (Angola)
    1991 - 1992 L-100 PFE, Frameair (Angola, Namibia)
    1992 - 1995 L-100/727 PFE, Transafrik (Angola, Cambodia, Kenya, Somalia, Rwanda)
    1996 - 2003 DC-10-30F PFE, Gemini Air Cargo (retired again 8/03)
    Total time: 24,700+ hours
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    Valrico, FL
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    Retired PFE

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  1. DC10FE

    We Got Some Splaining to Do

    Search "Surfin' South Sudan" on YouTube. That's how they do it in the commercial world. That reporter would've gone nuts over that! Don R.
  2. DC10FE


    To get FAA certification, it was required that the civil version had to have 3 positive locking devices on each swing window, whereas the military version has just one locking device. The NESA systems are identical. Don R.
  3. DC10FE

    Last Flying Lockheed L100's / Civil Hercs

    From what I've been told, Lynden bought all of Safair's Hercs, but kept the Safair name and infrastructure with the exception of ZS-JIZ. It had to do with some South African political problems. Don R.
  4. DC10FE


    Did anyone else watch the pilot episode of "Manifest?" I don't now if they had a technical adviser or not; probably not. The first 737 scene in flight is a -300 series or higher because of the flattened lower engine nacelles. In subsequent scenes on the ground, it's an older model. Then in the inflight cockpit scene, it shows a 3-engined airplane instrument panel. I don't think it was a 727 -- didn't notice any fire handles. And finally when ATC asks the captain how many passengers he has on board, he replies, "191." Puleeze, give me a break. The normal passenger configuration for a 737 is around 130, more or less, unless it's a stretches model. Interesting show otherwise. My girlfriend hates to watch aviation oriented movies or TV shows with me for obvious reasons. Don R.
  5. DC10FE

    Icing Conditions

    It's been 51 years since I've been on the B-model, but I don't think that's a B-model with the Rosemount pitot system and the LOX service door. Just picking a nit here. Nice pic, though. Don R.
  6. DC10FE

    EB-66 FE

    Yep, Larry, that was my first thought -- a flying crch, but all the B-66's at Korat took off and landed back at the same base. Also, these planes were flying over North Vietnam. Don't think they'd allow a crew chief to tag along. When you mentioned your duties as an A/3C, you omitted the wash rack. Spent a lot of time washing the bellies of a lot of B-models. Don R.
  7. DC10FE

    EB-66 FE

    I don't remember where I saw this, but it's interesting. Displayed at the USAF Museum. Check out the rank of the first FE.
  8. DC10FE

    Tyre of c130b ac

    I flew with an old A-model captain when I was an FE with Transafrik in Angola. He enjoyed telling the story of departing somewhere in the very cold icy north. The funny thing is that he departed with the parking brake set and when he landed at Pope AFB (I think), he blew all 4 mains! Before you ask about the anti-skid light, I also asked that question. He said the early A-models had no anti-skid inoperative light. Some of you old heads may remember Bonzo Von Haven -- a legend in the Herc world. Don R.
  9. I saw another photo of this Algerian Herc on some other web site. It showed the forward fuselage laying on the copilot's side with the NLG extended. Does anyone know where I saw that photo? Thanks, Don R.
  10. DC10FE

    No-flap takeoff?

    Does anyone know if any data exists for a no-flap takeoff on the Herc? Lockheed? Thanks, Don R.