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  1. Just a bit off the subject, but when I was an FE with Gemini Air Cargo on the DC-10, we were at Charleston AFB back in the early 2000's with a cracked cockpit window.  A Transient Alert guy came by and said the C-17 cockpit windows were interchangeable with the DC-10.  We couldn't use it, though because of some sort of FAA crap.  Had to ferry to JFK to change it.

    Don R.

  2. Back in the mid-1970's, while flying empty from Jeddah to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in a spanking new 1974 H-model, we got to 44,000'.  We were trying for 45,000, but at 1,000' short, a turbine overheat light blinked.  I must've gulped down a liter of LOX!  The airplane was literally hanging on the props. I can't remember the AC's name, but he was really cool.  He got out some time later, built a cement boat and sailed to Honolulu. 

    Don R.

  3. Are you Rorey Nugent?

    I agree, you don't mix "Skipper" with "Major."

    The crew was Major Bill Gunkel (aircraft commander), 1st Lt. Ed Gallagher (co-pilot), Capt Charles Gaetze (navigator), SSgt Carl L. Thomas (flight engineer) & SSgt Richard McClure (loadmaster).  

    The airplane was the 37th TAS' first desert camouflaged C-130, but I don't remember the tail number.  The airplane was never based at a special ops base in Egypt.

    Don R. 

  4. The Internet has drastically shortened my attention span, but I sat through all 24 minutes of this video and enjoyed every minute of it.  I was never in Special Operations, but I spent my 2nd tour at Rhein Main in the 37 TAS (1977 -- 1983) flying with the 7th SOS a lot.  Went on quite a few Flintlock's at RAF Sculthorpe with them.  Knew a lot of the 7th guys and gals.  They really knew how to party!  Great video, although Rhein Main was spelled wrong in the captions.

    Don R.

  5. Oh, also 68-10946 was a hard landing at Giebelstadt AAF, West Germany in 1984.  If I remember correctly, it was during an ORI with a mostly stan/eval crew.  I think this photo was taken by the loadmaster.

    Don That is the one I listed above, Thanks, Bob

    4326c -- 68-10946 -- USAF.jpg

  6. I flew with a Filipino captain at Transafrik who retired from there with over 35.000 Herc hours. Lockheed presented him with a  30.000 hour certificate. Can't remember if her received a pin or not.  Probably not.

    I have the 10,000 hour pin.

    Don R.

  7. Looks nice, Sonny.

    Not a very good photo, but here's a wall of my man cave with prints of 74-2063 (picked it up new at the factory), J6-SLO (St Lucia Airways 1985 - 1988) & S9-NAD (Transafrik 1989 - 1995).

    Don R.


  8. I don't reply to much here anymore, but this thread really brought back some memories -- good and bad.

    I remember one night being rousted out of bed in the barracks (no, it wasn't a "dorm" back then) at Tan Son Nhut. My airplane had blown 2 tires on some mud strip; I don't remember where.  My assistant and I were put on a C-123 with 2 mlg tires a jack and all the other paraphernalia needed for a tire change.  To make a long story short, we landed on a mud runway, offloaded the stuff and had the tires changed in no time.  What I remember most was the lighting being a reversed taxi light and the crew all holding flashlights -- all with the running GTC blasting in our ears. We were so covered with mud, we sat back in the cargo compartment for the tip back. Got a letter of commendation from the AC out of it -- lost, of course, from one of my divorces.

    OK, stepping down from my soapbox.  Next?

    Don R.

  9. I agree with hehe; it was on the panel above the FE's head.  I don't know about the newer C-130's, but out brand new L-382G (msn 5225) in Angola also had the same data plate on the left bottom side of the vertical stabilizer.Somewhere on my extremely cluttered hard drive, I have a photo of the data plate.

    Although its not labeled, here it is from my old OM 382G..

    Don R.



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