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  1. I\'ve received that joke in emails with a lot of different punch lines, but the best & most believable is that he\'s a retired Southwest pilot! Don R.
  2. Duncan, Thanks for the reply. The Belgians are a great bunch of guys. I worked with them a bit back in the 80\'s in the Sudan. BTW, what ever happened to Frank V. there at CAE? Don R.
  3. Ooops! You\'re right, Bob. I guess it was during my second tour @ Rhein Main -- 1977 to 1983. Or, like Hush suggested, maybe it was just a long night at the Legion. Don R.
  4. I seem to remember when I was stationed at Rhein Main back in the late 1960\'s, there was an all-female C-141 crew on the stateside air evac. The problem was that they got disoriented (lost) on the way home & had to be escorted by fighters. Of course, this could\'ve happened no matter what the gender of the crew -- just too bad it was all females. Anyone else remember that incident? Don R.
  5. My two cents -- In my 7 years flying for Transafrik, I averaged changing at least one tire per month; usually on a dirt strip in the rain, and we didn\'t carry mechanics. Steve1300 is correct, the jack will usually go down before the airplane goes up. I have no idea what Transafrik used as tire pressures, but I\'d bet no one there even had an air pressure gauge. Here\'s a photo of a rare one on a paved airport at Malange, Angola. Don R. [img size=1200]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/Malange.JPG
  6. Bill, I thought the Belgians had their own sim at Brussels. That\'s the one that Transafrik uses. Don R.
  7. George, Yep, that\'s the same Sully. I had heard he wound up at Leavenworth, but I never thought it would\'ve been for an education. At least not a military education. He was easily the best military pilot I ever flew with. We had a lot of fun with the \"campfire girls\" in Naples on quite a few occassions. And Roy, I defer to your first-hand loadmaster knowledge. Don R.
  8. Roy, Right after I posted the cheap porn music statement, I knew I\'d take a hit or two -- but not from a fellow 37th comrade. By the way, everything I learned about cheap porn movies & their music, I learned from a loadmaster!! The classy ones I learned about from Captain Steve Sullivan. Don R. Wow, has this posting been hijacked, or what?
  9. Great idea, but the music sounds like the sound track from a cheap porn movie. Don R.
  10. When I was flying in Angola, there were a lot of Russian-made Antonovs there. The An-26 could taxi on the thrust generated from its APU, mounted in the aft part of the right wheel well. Quite a sight to see one taxiing around with both props standing tall. Don R.
  11. When I was at Langley from 1963 to 1965, the C-123\'s were assigned to the 4500th Air Base Wing. I remember them flying in formation just about every evening in the summer time spraying for mosquitos out over Buckroe (Buckaroo) Beach & other coastal communities. Don R.
  12. Or how about the Herc pilot who shut down an engine & then told the fighter puke to try that! Don R.
  13. jetcal1, When I did those flower flights from MIA to BOG with Gemini Air Cargo on the DC-10, we usually carried a mechanic & a loadmaster. The other 3 may have been a deadheading crew or some reps from whoever leased the airplane. Don R.
  14. Insurers? Just think, the Feds are gonna be crawling all over that company with magnifying glasses & fine-tooth combs! Don R.
  15. Bill, Are you sure about your LAC#? The photos of LAC# 5000 on airliners.net show it as an L-100-30 belonging to Libyan Air Cargo & registered 5A-DOO; as does Lars Olausson\'s book. It doesn\'t have the flush-mounted HF antenna nor the Rosemount pitot system. Don R.
  16. I was asked this question by a friend of mine & I didn\'t have an answer (nothing unusual there!). Did the C-130E have any kind of 60HZ electrical outlet in the cockpit for a shaver or CD player? I remember a couple of 28 volt outlets for the Aldis lamps on the side panels. I also think there was a 60HZ outlet back by the iron lung area. Thanks, Don R.
  17. DC10FE

    -1 on line

    I just dug out my old military 1C-130H-1 (22 May 84) & my commercial OM 382G (12 October 1990) for airframe #5225. The -1 has the following distribution statement: \"This publication is required for official use or for administrative or operational purposes only. Distribution is limited to US Government agencies. Other requests for this document must be referred to Warner Robins ALC/MMEDT, Robins AFB, GA 31098-5609.\" The OM 382G has only a copyright date -- no restrictions on its distribution. Don R.
  18. DC10FE

    -1 on line

    Nathan, I\'m not very surprised seeing an old E-model flight manual being posted onlne. Not very much classified stuff there. As I\'ve mentioned on this board in other posts, there\'s a company in Colorado where you can purchase a flight manual for just about any airplane -- from a C-47 up to & including the F-117A Nighthawk! Don R.
  19. I always get a kick out of watching the video of that landing. Of the 4 crewmembers egressing, 1 goes through the top escape hatch, while the other 3 walk out of the crew entrance door. Also, of those 4 people, none of them think to turn off the battery! All the lights are still on as the fire department is dousing down the airplane. I haven\'t been on a military Herc since 1985, so maybe that\'s not a requirement anymore. Don R.
  20. Slightly off the topic, but every time I read Bob Daley\'s subject title, \"No-Hope Pope,\" 2 things pop into my head -- Hay Street & the Prince Charlie, back when the town was called Fayettenam. Also the converted soda machine in the billetting office that sold cans of beer!! Don R.
  21. DC10FE


    I was the 6th or 7th FE to get to RM back in 1977 when the 37th was reactivated there. Originally, squadron call sign was \"Herty,\" but that was used only for a very short while before it was changed to \"Herky.\" It was used mainly for locals only, at least until I left in 1983. Aah, the good old days!!! Don R.
  22. Don, There\'s a company in Monument, Colorado that sells manuals for thousands of different aircraft, including the C-130. They\'re not cheap, though -- a couple of hundred bucks for a C-130 flight manual. Their website is www.aerotecdata.com Don R.
  23. DC10FE


    I agree. If I knew anything about the gunships, I\'d gladky answer his questions. I have 2 of his books, one on the Caribou & the other about the Skyraider. Excellent books. Don R.
  24. Mike, Actually, some KC-130F\'s were fitted with externals at times, although they were technically B-models. Check out 3573B & 3644C & D in Bob Daley\'s collection. Don R.
  25. Charles, I knew Dwight quite well. He was an \"old head\" back when I arrived at Dyess my first time in the mid-70\'s. Don R.
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