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  1. I've been out for quite some time, but I've never heard the phrase "cross-switch rotations." Was I living under a rock all those years? Don R.
  2. Yep, I was a B-52H crew chief at K. I. Sawyer AFB in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Never been so cold in my life! Hated it. Went from there to Norton AFB, CA. Paradise! Don R.
  3. Hey, its, did you check Amazon.com like I suggested? Don R.
  4. I don't think anyone would want to part with one of his books. I know I wouldn't. You can find some used ones on Amazon.com, but they're not cheap nor very up to date. Good luck. Don R.
  5. Thanks Fritz. I was in Transient Alert when I was there. Had my paperwork in to go to the 1198th when I got orders for Korat RTAFB, Thailand. The 1198th was no more by the time I got back. Did you happen to make it to the Jet Bar by the main gate? A real dump. Don R.
  6. I know this is pretty hard to believe, but it's true. Flying from Jedda to Dhahran in a brand new 1974 H-model, we got almost to 44,000 feet when a turbine overheat light came on. I must've gulped down a liter of LOX. I can't remember the AC's name, but, after getting out, he built a cement boat and sailed it to Hawaii. Don R.
  7. Fritz, just out of curiousity, are you referring to the far east end of the main ramp or the east end of the ramp by the end of runway 24? The reason I ask is because the east ramp by rwy 24 is where the Heavy Chain C-130's were parked when I was stationed there in 1971. Don R.
  8. I may have missed something in one of the above replies, but wasn't there a video narrated by John Wayne about flying out of CCK and Vietnam? I remember watching it during commander's call back in the 1960's. In it, there was a C-130 taking off and disappearing from sight and then reappearing zooming overhead. Also, a crew was interviewed after landing long and having to back out of a minefield, if I remember correctly. CRS, ya know. Don R.
  9. I'll have to be more viglant in the future.. Siphil's bio is a good one. I'm disappointed when I get there and there's not even a name on the profile. Don R.
  10. DC10FE


    Muchas gracias, Bob
  11. As a retired FE (military & commercial), I have a lot of time on my hands & am easily amused. One of my daily rituals is to come visit this forum. The last thing I do before signing off is to check any new member's profile. If I'm the first there, I feel I've accomplished something for that day. For those of you who don't check members' profiles, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. For those of you that do (Larry, Sonny, Mt crewchief, etc), you know exactly what I'm talking about, right? Don R.
  12. DC10FE


    Bob, do you have an msn for CG2007? Don R.
  13. I remember a rote in the summer of 1976, it did not rain one day while I was there -- although I wasn't there that much. That's the rote I spent celebrating America's bicentennial drinking Heniken beer at the US Consulate in Dharahran, Saudi Arabia. If I remember correctly, the next day, we loaded up the airplane with all the empties (there were a lot) and dropped them in the middle of the desert. Don R.
  14. Here I go hijacking my own thread. A few years ago, I learned that members of the USAF bands enter the Air Force as TSgts and bypass the usual basic training. Check out some UTube videos of the band -- they're almost all Top 3. WTF? OK, back to Moldyhole. I wonder if the RAF will move in? I'm sure Brize Norton is pretty crowded with the C-130's & C-17's based there. Don R.
  15. I passed through there in my DC-10 a few times on AMC trips out of Charleston and McGuire. Even thoough I'm not flying anymore, I'm really gonna miss that place. Don R.
  16. The ned of an era. Many fond memories. Too many rotes to count. The Bird in the Hand, Mickey's Tea Room, Top 3 Club, Sherwood Forest. Click here: Huge US airbase to close - ITV News Don R
  17. A very rare photo of the FE panel on the prototype DC-8. Don R.
  18. Bob, Any info on when and where? No engines -- not a good sign. Don R.
  19. Bob, Could you contact the photographer, or is he the one requesting help? The only thing I can say is that it's an A-model by the cabin window configuration. Don R. Don I e mailed him, no answer yet. Bob
  20. Thanks, Helsie. A great tribute to Fred, a true legend in the commercial Herc world. BTW, for those reading this thread, Fred got out of the USAF as a 2-striper instrument specialist. I really can't picture that! Still trying to send you some photos of the St. Lucia days. Don R.
  21. Yep, pretty similar to Tepper. Don R.
  22. Here is a literal translation of the caption from the article that SonnyJ posted. Of course, in Africa, nothing goes as planned. Don R. "The exceptional convoy C130 of the Gabonese army did not go as planned. Initiated Friday late night, the plane that was heading to the port of Owendo, has been blocked in Libreville Lalala exchanger until morning. Causing traffic problems and many onlookers rather stunned."
  23. I'll never understand why the African aviation community lets their airplanes detiorate in the heat and humidity for years and then move them to places like OGMA or Marshall's to be refurbished. After spending millions of dollars, TR-KKB will probably be flown back to Libreville, greeted by government and military dignitaries, flown for a time and then parked again. As a South African captain I flew with at Transafrik used to say when he'd see a derelict or crashed airplane, "AWA, Africa Wins Again." Don R.
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