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  1. Any luck with your beast WINDTUNNELMEC?
  2. wow, that is a little warm ..... try decreasing the CIT setting (1 flat is +-25°C/45°F), then trim it using TD valve NULL orifice adjust
  3. what is max power fuel flow and TIT? For that matter what is start TIT, TIT & ff at LSGI and normal ground idle?
  4. Not for this problem Paulo. I have previously had LOW SPEED GROUND IDLE rpm that was either to low or high. Low GROUND IDLE/FLIGHT IDLE rpm can not be adjusted on fcu.
  5. OK brand spanking new FCU and GI rpm is 96.2%. Still lower than what I'm used to seeing, but at least the FSR will engage the generator.
  6. I will certainly share if we can find a solution
  7. ahmer, this is the problem. we have 380hz/95%, but fsr needs 385hz to engage. fsr is working correctly. engine is also working correctly but too slow for fsr.
  8. no pics, sorry. swapped out fsr, regulator and control panel - no change. silly question, i know, but ...... how do you adjust gi/fi rpm? yes it resets immediately, and will happily stay on line after that, even at low pitch stop of 93.some %. yes, fsr will drop it out below 365hz. fsr comes on line at 95.2/95.3% which is the advertized 385hz needed. propeller control is EPCS, so no messing with blade angles
  9. Moeed, it is a zero time engine. NATOPS1, aircraft is glass cockpit, so I believe indicated rpm to be same as AUTOTACH. It does match generator frequency. Problem is what to do to get off that 95% GI rpm. Changing the engine only puts the problem on the ready line for the next time
  10. Hey guys Here's a problem that has me stumped. Engine starts up to LSGI (auto & null TIT peaks about 810°C). When upshift to NGI engine rpm is 95% and generator will not come on line. You need to manually reset ON or move throttle to speed up the engine. All engine parameters are good at all throttle settings, IBIT check good. Only GI/FL rpm is lower than usual, but not out of limit. Generator circuits check good, with all relays, control panel etc having been replaced, and even generator replaced. Any thoughts on this issue would be appreciated PJ
  11. remember modifying the vehicle ramps with rollers on top, skids on the bottom. open the ramp till just above ground, flip out the vehicle ramps, and start taxiing slowly while the loadies push pallets out - fastest unload other than LAPES.
  12. TCTO refers to immediate removal from service of all 54H60 propellers having blade serial number less than 813320. These propellers are to be sent for overhaul and blade replacement.
  13. thank you Paolo, have you checked the oil tank for contamination or blockage? also check the oil supply hose (flexible) from tank for collapsing. If it only cuts out under load, you may have a fuel starvation problem - take a look at the fuel filter on the fuel cluster and also the filter up in the wheel well just out of curiousity, is the APU part no 381116-1-() or 381116-3?
  14. As NATOPS1 asks, can the APU be restarted immediately or do you need to wait for a time? Likely causes can be oil pressure, load control/acceleration thermostat, faulty overspeed solenoid, or some electrical interruption. If you have an APU test stand available, I would recommend running the APU there and try to duplicate the problem.
  15. TD valve brake binding by the sound of it
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