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    Tyre of c130b ac

    Hard to believe he started TO roll w/the parking brake on.As to the anti skid,it was left off or disarmed until during the T O check list called for "ANTI SKID" and the response was "on the roll".Soon as roll commenced,C P flipped the switch,little red light went out and all was good(we hoped). The shortest F 14 landing I ever witnessed :A glitch in the brakeing system caused the brakes to lock unbeknownonsed to the test pilot.I was nearly a mile from the touchdown point when I saw 2 puffs of smoke and then heard boom boom.Of course the tires were destroyed but the wheels were worn off half way to the axel.
  2. I had no idea there was many "A" models still flying.Be interesting to know who owns them,where based and amount of flight hours on them.