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  1. Sonny do you remember an instrument techat Naha by the name of Jim Ovary? He was at Willow Grove when I got there in 85. Then he moved on to General Electric last time I saw him was 2 years ago at our annual luncheon but sadly he passed away from A.O. related illness I gave him the Blind Bat hat I sent to you and he displayed it with his beret.
  2. I started working on "A"s in 68 Naha Okinawa 55-56-57 year serial #s ( 815th, 41st, 35th, and 21st) which had 3 bladed props which were converted to 4 blades in late 70's The "B"s are 4 bladed but no external tanks between 1-2 & 3-4 engines. Worked them in country with the boys from Clark in the P.I. In 85 I joined a reserve unit in P.A. Willow Grove 913th A/W 327th flying Squadron we had "E"s built in 63, they had external tanks between 1-2 & 3-4, the "E"s had HF antennas running from top of fuselage just above crew compartment to below top of rudder. Although some early "H"s had the antenna but they had T-56-15s (Dyess AFB) compared to the "E"s which had T56-7s. Worked on newer "H"s at C-Springs, Pittsburgh, Niagara, Maxwell, Dobbins etc etc and the best way I could tell difference was no wired HF antenna running length of upper fuselage. And od course they were newer looking. But as a Pro Super late in my career I always just checked the forms! Al Udeid 05-06 we had 63 model "E"S and "H"s built in the late 80s early 90s retired Pope 09 we had 87-88 model "H"s.
  3. Naminoue sounds better makes me think of my second home when back at Naha and not in country. Have you Ken or Sonny heard of or read Sam McGowans "Jacks Steakhouse" ? Of the books he has written finally us "maintenance pukes" getting some recognition !! I am sure 2 Crew/Chiefs as yourselves will identify with the characters involved. As a rebuttal I apologise for using the "Maintenance Pukes"
  4. I have to agree with Ken, Hope all you Herc guys a happy Thanksgiving and many more! November 1968 Chow Hall in Monsoon weather Naha Okinawa the first of what my calender was telling me 2 more to goafter this one. Little did I know the next year and a half would be spent in places like Ubon, Soc Trang, Bien How, Pleiku, Phu Cat ! Would do it all over again just to hang with all the magnificent Band Of Brothers I met along the way! Feb 68 -Mar 09!
  5. Sonny , you must be the reason all Reserve C-130's had pad locks for Crew entrance door bench when work was done locker up! some very interesting stories of places like Pope, Lil Rock, and Dyess thru the eyes of a Herc Technician 1984 to 2009 we must must !
  6. Ken forgets while he was at Naha he was TDY from CCK, so Sonny is 1 up on him here! Ha Ha!
  7. Sonny I have a copy of the paper and will somehow get it to you!
  8. Sonny, got back from Eglin cant sleep thought I'd get back to you about the Ubon Reunion. Only ran into 1 Blind Bat person just as we were assembling for outside picture by the SR-71. We talked a bit he saw my7 BB pin told him i would see him and give him 1 on return from Hurlburt, this was Wednesday did not see him rest of reunion did not get his name. I will post and see if he responds. A lot of Spectre people in fack the local newspaper did an interview with Spectre guys who crewed First Lady which sits outside munitions museum by Eglin. Hurlburt was pretty cool. We walked around MC - 130 and were let insiude AC-130U with sensor operators to answer questions later we were given brief on the new AC-130J. I think I surprised the Flight Engineer with the Questions I asked but I finally found out what the bubble or protrusion is just forward of the right wing root up top. I dont think I can talk about it on thgis website for its classified. Hey Ken you still look young in the photos!
  9. Tiny, we thought the APN/241 colored radar was the nuts ! just take a look at this mean nosed MC-130J gives it a mean look doesn't it? far cry from the AWADS at Pope!
  10. Naha Okinawa 374th FMS Electric shop 4 Sqdns of C-130As, 21st, 35th, 817th, 40yworst (41St) being so close to ocean Anti Skid, and anyone out there who was there will back me up the "A" Model fire light (fire warning) was a nightmare. And 1 of the S@#$ jobs was replacing or repairing terminal strips under flt deck just inches from the removable steps about 8 inches from floor upside down on a shelf. I would do it all over again in a minute!
  11. I was Pro Sup at Masera in 03-04 there is a monument of the 8 Airman lost Desert ! the mission coin has the monument on the 1 side dedication on the 1 side.
  12. Sonny, after Chanute Aircraft Electricians school I went straight to Naha, took a bus from Kadena to Naha was put in FMS barracks "the hill" looked down on flight line and gasped what in the world is this the A model Herc. I worked a few other frames most notable the F-4 at Ubon 71-72, but spent the rest of my career as an ART on E model 130s 63 models to be exact. I spent the last 4 years of my career at Pope as Avionics Branch Chief the 440th on 87-88 models from Milwaukee . Yes the Herc is was and always will be a great aircraft . Anytime, Anywhere, you call we haul!
  13. Thanks Bob, now there are ! pictures to show my son, to help him understand how life was for a nineteen yr old kid from Pennsylvasnia first time away from home doing 90 - 120 days TDY in country then to fly 8 hrs to Okinawa, shower catch a skoshie cab and head down town Namanoue
  14. Sonny, what can I say I am speechless! It was a time 65- to 72 where we grew up real quick! Naha for me was my first real time away from home and at 19 yrs old . I met some of the greatest people and to this day I would do it all over again! Ken will remember being sent down from CCK because we were undermanned in the FMS. When I got to the 374th FMS Electric shop Tsgt Lucero was the NCOIC, most of our 5-7 levels were either at TSN, CRB, or up in Ubon, plus can't forget "E" flt ( Vinny A.) oh and we were working 12's with no days off. When I left in June of 70 we had a SMSGT as NCOIC, the work schedule was 8 hr rolling shifts 4 on 3 off and each shift had at least 4 MSgt.s
  15. Thanks Ken, now I'm getting nostalgic, time to hit you tube for that song again, you know the road to Naminoue!! Have an Orion on me Ken!
  16. I remember a C-141 which went in after takeoff sometime around 1968-1969. And theres a B-52 in the water at Anderson which went in on takeoff don't remember the date on that one.
  17. T.C. I guess now I am passed the staute of limitations having been retired since 09, but I remember back in the 90s as we were sending our old "E"s to Sheppard there were 2 airframes I went along to CANN (oops) E-4 auto pilot, Directional Gyros, N-1 compass parts (stash) strictly for trouble shooting purposes only! I once canned a fire loop from a T-56 we were taking to Kelly so I could get our bird home to Pa. from Texas on a Sunday but thats another story. Take care T.C.
  18. I should have said us maintainence guys were pissed when then (C/C) s were told to remove the art work because the Spectre guys were upset at Ubon. "E" Flt and Blind Bat birds always got a little more special attention.
  19. Yes remember Charlie from the many times I paralleled the generators on his bird either on the line or over in engine conditioning after ISO.
  20. Sonny , do you remember all the "BAT" planes that had names such as Batmobile, Azreal, pissed a lot of us flt line main guys off when they did that!
  21. TC just caught this thread , while at WGARS our "E"s were modified to the APN 241 at Dyess wonder what they did with all those APN 59 parts that were removed? This would have been a few years back like 2007
  22. Soc Trang 1969, Dec 23 went in early in morning to fix 006 (Balls Sick) generator problem pulled generator and inserted gear plate on gear box got finished around 1600 called for crew to come from TSN to bring us home. Aerial Port Msg. said no dice too late. Sat rt seat as eng troop and I started #2 #3 to move it back against fence. VC hit us just around midnight. Made it back to TSN next morning, Christmas Eve partied hardy, watched a C/C put a flare in the pistol and fire it off only he forgot to open the outer pressure plate above Nav. He was back at Naha faster than a speeding bullet but thats another story! 834th A/D home of Saigon Tea!
  23. JP, the individual you want to contact is Vince, EFLTatCCK, I am sure Vince can help you
  24. Happy Birthday Ken! The pilot left the the oxygen switch on all night the lox cart is on the way!
  25. Msgt Rock no dumb questions here you brought up some interesting facts. When I first got to Naha in Sep 68 we were working 12's , 7 days a week My first down country was to TSN. When I went back in 69 Dec we moved to CRB and the E's from CCK swap ed with us at TSN. The A'sand B's were at CRB. Just an added fact when I first got to Naha we (Electric Shop) were undermanned and we had Electricians from CCK TDY so we could do our mission. I also remember when the "A" model gunships came to us from Ubon because they needed all the generators changed because of brush failure!, but we got er done! So you see Rock your bullet brings back many great memories!
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