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    May 1966 basic at Lackland then on to Amarillo for tech school then to Sewart AFB, where I was assigned the 4442 oms. April 1969 I was transferred to CCK where I was assigned to the 314th oms, spent much of my time there in Viet Nam and Thailand. I made a lot of friends many of whos names I can no longer remember. I was discharged in May of 1970. I have worked in a lot of differant fields since then, salesman, truck driver, disk jockey, cowboy. Would love to hear from old friends.
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  1. Dearstone

    Mt. Crew Chief

    Just wondering if anyone has heard from Ken lately, very unusual for him to not respond to some of the post over in historical. Sure hope he's alright.
  2. Ken I remember Doug Fitting well he was one of my best pals at CCK and CRB, he was from Idaho, I've often wondered about him. Some other names I remember from these places are Larry Rowe from Ala., Butch Tucker from Ok., Jerry Lawler, Dave Beasley from Ks., Bobby Prater from Co., Seki I think thats how it"s spelled he was an indian from I think from Az., one tuff black dude named Callaway can't think of his first name. Well thats it for now, maybe more later depending on brain waves, which just reminded me what was the base just outside of Bangcock where we pulled alot of time?
  3. Jerry you old son of a gun sure is great to hear from you, remember Wanda Jackson singing "Lets have a party" ? Tell Butch I said hey, I've thought about you all alot through out the years.
  4. Thanks Bob, I didn't know how to cross the numbers. I was hoping they were still flying, but I guess everything has a lifespan.
  5. You guys amaze me with your memories, as much as I flew on every bird that I was assigned to I could not remember the tail numbers. I finally set down and went thru some of my flight records from my time assigned to PACAF and I found two aircraft that I either crewed or was a crew member, 63-7796 and 62-1847. I could not find any records on the birds I was on at Sewart while assigned to the 4442nd, but remember my first c/c Ssgt. Fred Furchess, and asst. c/c Ssgt. Jim Ridgeway. I couldn't find anything on 63-7796, but found that 62-1847 is assigned to 37 AS in Europe, the name of the site is Touch Down Aviation. I couldn't download the pics but there is four of them, all with the gray paint job and not the green, brown, and white that I remember. It's funny that basically all C-130 look alike but seeing my old bird was like looking at pictures of an old friend or family member that is gone and sort of puts a lump in your throat, but also brought back the hundreds of hours of dedicated labor that I put into her, and the pride that I felt each time I flew on her or stood and watched her take to the skies. Great times and great memories.
  6. Thanks Sonny, always enjoy a good laugh in the morning, and the really funny thing is all these are true.
  7. I'm not sure if was there during that particular attack or not, most of the ones I remember were at night or late evening. I do remember one occasion one of the female Vietnamese workers at the chow hall carried in and detanated an explosive device of some sort that took pretty much one wall out and killed one I if I remember right.
  8. Ray there must have been two differant ones, the one Ken and I knew was William K. Tyner the K stood for Kieth the best I can remember. Ken I have a copy of those same orders along with others that has both our names and alot of our friends as well.
  9. Ken you just keep bringing back memories, me and Tyner used to run together at CCK and the dozen. I don't remember if it was the same attack or not but one night I was driving the "SPEEDY" truck hauling specialist and I had just pulled up to the engine shop when a morter hit, I didn't know where their bunker was so I let engine troop lead the way and if he had tripped he'd a had boot prints all up his back for sure. I remember one guy in the bunker saying "Speedy I left my toolbox out in the reventment,will you run me back out there? I replied "The keys are in it". I'm sorry if I got off topic, but if anyone knows what ever happened to Tyner I would like to know, I remember he was from N.C. but can't remember the town.
  10. I was there and assigned to the 4442nd from fall of 1966 to spring of 1969, then to CCK and the 314th OMS and alot of countries on the other side of the pond. Our barricks was next door to the NCO club and diagonally across the parking lot from the bowling alley. Wonderful memories of that place and time, Blue Ribbon was just $1.00 a six-pack at the pic-nik pantry. Would love to go back to the old Nashville raceway, the Ryman, and Tootsies.
  11. I used to fly with my plane quite a bit in 69-70, but the only time I was issued a weapon was one night I was waiting on my bird to return to CRB when ops sent for me to come in and said my bird had been hit at Ben Hou and the base was still under attack, me and my asst. c/c were told to go check out two M16's and caught a hop on a Caribou. The attacks had stopped by the time we arrived, we had quite a bit of sheet metal damage and #2 engine was totaly destroyed, was the next day before we got it fixed and flew back to CRB. I do remember the gun box always being loaded on board, but knew it was for the flight crew if needed.
  12. I found my 5bx booklet in my old stuff awhile back but did not read it. Everytime I get out of the shower and start drying off I remember being told or reading that by drying your backside and holding the towel by diagonal corners and sort of doing the twist,supposedly moving muscles and burning calories. If this is not true then it is the longest recurring dream I've ever had.
  13. Never seen anyone skiing at Cam Ranh but we used to snorkle there every chance we got. Down below the Hootch, that was 1969-70, have pictures somewhere.
  14. Ken we were there at the same time for sure, we talked once before about our mutual friend Dave Beesley. Love the latest pictures, spent some time behind those sandbags during morter attacks, that street the truck is going down always reminds me of the vietnamese that used to sweep with flight gloves and sunglasses that we could never seem to get, and our momason never looked that good.LOL Remember the Herky Hill club and drank alot of those rusty top beers, and snorkled a bunch in the water down on the beach.
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