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  1. Steve1300

    Aux tank f/q increasing with airspeed

    If it appears fuel quantity increases with air speed with an aux tank, then there would be air flow pushing on the bladders of the aux tank. When the bladder is compressed in this way, the fuel level seems to climb. In a way, it does, since the actual level of the fuel rises. There is a panel inside the wing box that gives access to the inboard most bladder. We have had this panel not installed once and the bladder crushed the fuel probe. I don't know if anyone is checking this post from over a year ago, but I haven't been here in a while.
  2. Steve1300

    Flt Deck Refrigeration Override

    Well, someone at one time seemed to think that loss of air-conditioning in the flight deck was a grounding item. If the flight deck flow control valve doesn't open normally, it can be pulled open. If it can't be shutoff normally, it can be shutoff manually. However, mid 70's, someone thought that it was not necessary and they took that part of the system out. I have never seen it intentionally used, but it has been unintentionally shut off many times. Interestingly, the temp control boxes will still drive the temperature system to cool with the master switch off if the system keeps running and there is an overheat in the ducting. I can only guess that the designers thought that someone would manually turn the system on?