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  1. Does anyone have any recognition on these?, I've been told that they are T-56 components but non of my T.O.'s seem to have anything even close to these part number series. Maybe out of a different model or ad mod. engine. 10F-72-0000-350-C-18 10F-72-1000-###-#-## any help will be appropriated.
  2. Can anyone help me on lac process. LAC-process-spec-100 According to my sys info should be in drg 336446 but nothing. Pm me.
  3. Anyone know if there's a MIL-# for the LAC-I-789 spec tape?
  4. Tiny, I have that info but on my NAV 03-80F-44 but the T.O. 15A3-2-40 has 593256 number, no major or cure listed. I have the list for the 593256 -1 but need to know what the difference from -4. The TO is calling out the 593256 only -4.
  5. Repairing 203720-2 need a quick help on the parts kit I have kit info but need to verify something. Need some help. Please PM me.
  6. Metal, Appreciated! Do you know the mil# for the grease that is used?
  7. Does anyone know the MIL# for the grease on the surplus gears? The protective thick grease. also any MIL# to remove it?
  8. Hello Fellas, I'm having a slight issue with seal 880175 used on 880T#. actuator. I have 2 different thickness 0.10+ and 0.05+ T.O. doesn't show if there's any different dashes to indicate thickness. Does anyone know which thickness is correct. Advise or P.M. any info. Thanks..
  9. aRMer9

    Tube Dial

    Hello, Tube Series 371350 Any info on to why the -25 & -133 doesn't have any "DIAL°" info? Any one know the "DIAL°" #'s on the Bend's? Info highly appreciated. Thanks aRmer9
  10. Hello Fellas, Quick support I'm missing a page on CMM OM8526 anyone can help supply please? Breakdown section missing page #34 Page 33 has item 1-37 and page 35 has items 77-91. missing 38-76 page 34 or page from T.O. i guess can work 8D1-9-60-3/4 Any help appropriated.
  11. 2CM353C1 T.O. 8A6-9-5-3/-4. Does anyone know the differences between the 36A227349G1 & 9220037 do they have diff. items or just diff CAGE's. I have 2 diff. dated T.O. both show diff info. Can some one please help need kit for shaft but don’t know which one has what or are they both the same. Info appreciated or PM for any info.
  12. aRMer9

    C130 Galley

    Metal!. thanks for the images, appreciated.
  13. Anyone have(or know were I can find) pics of the Galley complete from bottom to top. I found the attached but is missing the TOP section. Appreciated.
  14. Hello Herky World, Does the below have a T.O.? or T.O. on N.H.A. Usually the Transmitter don't but I'm unsure. 8TJ9PCD Help appreciated.
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