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  1. Do you mean instrument panel layouts?
  2. Fuel holding relay? Did you try swapping the APU package out, maybe to another aircraft?
  3. No sweat. I've seen it before. We even had a whiskey compass error that was caused by a ferrous screw in the window frame.
  4. Not that I am aware of. Commodities like seats are about the same as every other little part on the aircraft. Engines, GTC, and maybe a few other parts have their own records which can tie them to an aircraft.
  5. Sorry, I didn't see anything but the airplane dress.
  6. Hopefully that will do it.
  7. You would have to order the newer radome.
  8. Do you have a flux valve simulator? If so, what does it do when connected into the system? Were the new flux valves from a depot repair facility, or did they have serviceable tags on them from a mod team. Years ago, there were many flux valves turned in by mod teams that were not serviceable. Any chance a ferrous screw or nut is installed around the flux valve, like on the connector backshell? Was there maintenance performed around the wing tip area before this started?
  9. You could call the manufacturer to see if they have a part number for just the nut. CMTC Headquarters 690 Knox Street, Suite 200 Torrance, CA 90502 Call us: 310-263-3060
  10. Don't know much about this, but the T.O. may be 6J15-8-103-3. A part number of the pump would be helpful.
  11. tinyclark

    Need PN.

    I couldn't find the cap in the installation drawing. You would probably have to order the thermostat.
  12. tinyclark

    Need PN.

    Not familiar with the cap or thermostat at all. What does the cap cover, the connector? Is it not part of the stat?
  13. The T.O. for the control assembly is 16C1-9-5-3. This pic is from the E-4. It looks like KZ452 is a matched set, QX445/QX445-1 and QX452/QX452-1 and are the individual pieces. Not sure what is available out there.
  14. It was an engineering decision by WR-ALC, and the guy that made it is probably retired. We had problems with the SCNS dimmer on the H's. It had a 5 Amp C/B installed and it kept popping. We did some checks and found out it had near a 7 Amp draw on it when all the way up. An engineer added the ECM panels to the circuit. The C-130 has to be the most undercontrolled aircraft in the USAF. I have tons of stories of one mod team coming to the base and saying they were going to put equipment or C/Bs in certain locations, then me having to tell them another mod already had those locales.
  15. Damn good of him. I was in the RADAR shop and flew with the 7th SOS many times in the early 80's. They usually took a RADAR and ECM troop any time they went TDY. The aircrew were always great, treated us like crew made sure we stayed in the same hotel if at all possible. Fun times.
  16. I know what you mean, been there a couple thousand times. Well, seems like it anyway.
  17. I was going to suggest some extreme troubleshooting. Doing an Op Ck on that aircraft and another, using the TTU-205 and quickly bumping the altitude up or down 500' to measure the pressure exerted by the trim motor or servo using some sort of tension gauge. Hopefully it won't come back to haunt you.
  18. Oh, what base are you at? Just Curious.
  19. Three questions right now. It is strange that the servo is not driving if the trim tabs aren't keeping up. Does the Trim Monitor Test work? Does the normal elevator trim system work as advertised? What parts have been replaced or swapped?
  20. You have a tail number, C130Chick? If I need to chase wires, wanna know what diagram to use.
  21. Thanks for the history lesson, guys.
  22. We used a thermal camera while I was at Elmendorf and Ramstein. Very easy to see leaks in the leading edge.
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