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  1. When they closed Khorat, they actually in-processed us into Clark AB. Well, all of our stuff got shipped there, but almost all of us ended up going to Hill AFB. Not that Ogden isn't the wildest place to go after leaving Thailand, but...
  2. Way to go Casey!!!! My hat is off to you. I didn't have the patience to be a babysitter, but I'm still here after all these years. Only 1 1/2 more to go.
  3. One would think there is a landing gear warning horn as well as the GCAS going off. Sorry, but it is inexcusable, IMHO.
  4. I went out to California for the QOT&E flight testing of the APQ175, and that Ka picture was unbelievable. It painted a great picture of the plowed fields below us, right along with all the irrigation piping, and just about everything else. It's amazing what 70kW at 32GHz will do. RADAR troops do it with higher frequency.
  5. They added a bottom antenna to aid with picking up the zone marker.
  6. I can get some, but we don't have a bird rolling into ISO until next Wed, and I'll be TDY until a week after that.
  7. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30223592/
  8. C'mon John, we have the best politicians money can buy!
  9. The ADIs run off the copilot's AC inverter, not the AC Inst and FC inverter. I don't see how it was powered by two different sources, but $hit does happen. It wouldn't be the switch causing it, it would most probably have to be a relay with an internal broken contact arm or some other FM cause. No reason at all that they couldn't be on. Get yer book changed.
  10. tinyclark


    If they were at Mt. Home, the would be in cold AND boring storage. That's why I joined the AF, to get out of the wonderfully exciting Mt. Home.
  11. tinyclark


    Here's 502 taking a drink in Italy.
  12. The filter they are referring is the one under this retainer. This view is looking straight up just inside fuselage station 245. This should have a retaining ring installed. The NSN for the filter is 5325-00-529-3720. The retaining clip is 5325-00-807-5335.
  13. Many a times, even with F4 tape on the other end of the scribe. That deflection voltage was a sumbitch. I've been nailed with worse tho. I'm surprised I'm still alive.
  14. Just wondering why they left the radome nipples on if they took out the whole glycol system.
  15. I sent you an e-mail. I did send some his home e-mail account.
  16. That said, the APN59 scope and power supply blows too. We're still using a frikkin' mechanical rotating yoke display in the 21st century???? That would have been money well spent, putting a converter and CRT video screens on the APN59. I think they did it on the KC135. The original H models were modified from APN59 to APQ122V(5), just X-band, and they paid to put the APN59 back on those.
  17. Only Pope and Rhein-Main/Ramstein had them. I worked the system when it was just a few years old, and it was a piece of $hit already. This was especially true with the antenna and the pilot scope-sweep generator. Actually, the nav scope sucked too. Maybe I'm being too kind...
  18. That's a dumbass name, but I do remember that from somewhere. To me, a "snowstorm" would be RF jamming, but not for IR.
  19. WOW, I saw that some of the old AWADS birds were going to Poland. Did they install a different RADAR system into it? If not, I wonder who is supporting the system. I see they took the SKE system off as well.
  20. Wow, 6 months time in grade as Senior to make Chief...
  21. Indicator accuracy is +/- 2 between 40 and 70.
  22. When I was at Pope, there was talk of putting them on back there, but it never happened. It was some sort of DIRCM, I believe, the same as some of the helichoppers use.
  23. Here is the list of aircraft that were modified from the APQ122V(1) to the APQ-175. 63-7885, 64-0495, 64-0496, 64-0498, 64-0499, 64-0501, 64-0502, 64-0517, 64-0525, 64-0527, 64-0529, 64-0531, 64-0537, 64-0539, 64-0540, 64-0550, 64-7681, 64-8240, 68-0934, 68-0935, 68-0937, 68-0938, 68-0939, 68-0940, 68-0941, 68-0942, 68-0943, 68-0947, 69-6566, 69-6582, 69-6583, 70-1259, 70-1260, 70-1261, 70-1262, 70-1263, 70-1264, 70-1265, 70-1266, 70-1267, 70-1268, 70-1269, 70-1270, 70-1271, 70-1272, 70-1273, 70-1274, 70-1275, 70-1276. There were 50 kits built 0501 crashed in a lake, 1992 There was another crash at Bragg during a drop, I don't recall tail #, not on this list. 1269 was a designated SOLL II bird, would have cost too much to bring back as AWADS Since there were 3 kits left, A/C 64-0504, 64-0570, 69-6580 were converted to AWADS birds, at quite a pretty penny. These aircraft were the original Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System platforms. There were some newer APN241 LPCR birds designated as AWADS capable. I never saw the LPCR Map function, but I know the APQ122 Ka was pretty good, and the APQ175 Ka was even better.
  24. I have a question, and what I got for a response from two F.E.s here at Moody, I'm not sure they understood. Or maybe I don't understand. When the external tank dump switches are placed to DUMP, the voltage which operates the TANK EMPTY lights is removed from the circuit. How do you know when to shut the pumps(s) off? Do you just use the pressure reading? Seems kind of dumb to me, but I'm just a pointy head.
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