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  1. The only IPC is in that book.
  2. I can find no explanation in any book.
  3. No one can send you the T.O., except the Logistics Depot. The T.O.s are listed, and the part has been replaced by p/n 16430-1.
  4. Way to go. Funny no one did a proper Op Ck after the mod. Of course, everyone assumes that once the SCNS is shut down. everything turns off. I don't know who initially caught that problem, but it was probably a fluke.
  5. I went to an Avionics Traing class there, they provided a tour. I don't have any connections. This media contact was on their website, at least a place to start. Stephanie StinnOffice: (770) 494-0489Cell: (678) 761-6687 Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield. Stone Mountain, but that's a drive on the East side of Atlanta. Have lunch at the "Big Chicken", just ask.
  6. I don't work anymore and couldn't send it to you anyway. You would have to contact your Foreign Military Sales person and see if you can get a copy.
  7. I would take the ignition relay from another engine and put it on the suspect engine. Put the new relay on the other engine. This will confirm whether it is the engine, or a problem with the new relays.
  8. I can only see it as a hardware issue. Is this only on one engine generator? Maybe it is excess vibration. I have no information on the hardware installation. That is in T.O. 8A6-9-5-3.
  9. No sorry, I don't have that. I retired 5 years ago.
  10. Cheers, have a hoppy new year.
  11. The bottom one is the Bendix Generator.
  12. The valve in the #4 tank is not working. There is no other item that it could be. Was the ground checked for the valve checked?
  13. I'm still not sure what Doppler system you have, since you have never mentioned it.
  14. Very nice. SKE would have made it easier.
  15. I have never seen an internal diagram for any generator that I can think of. Since they are overhauled and serviced at the depot, the depot books are not supplied to field units. These are simplified schematics.
  16. Yep, hope everyone got what they wanted and wanted what they got. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  17. I am happy you have it fixed. There was really no way for me to help you, I don't have your wiring data.
  18. Seems like the T56 is OK for reliability issues, the prop SUCKS. I'd take better prop reliability over a bit of engine performance. But, I'm just a dumb pointy head.
  19. Why not go to the Dowdy prop and get rid of the prop problems? But, I'm just an avionics pinhead.
  20. Very nice story, first time I've heard about it, and proud of all the crew members.
  21. I remember when the C-130 gunships were leaving Korat RTAFB in '75. They were using the entire runway to get off the ground because they were so heavy. My neighbor from downtown was a loadmaster, and he had all kinds of stuff he was taking with him, including two huge bags of Thai hot peppers.
  22. I still wish I had a C-130 Blackbirds hat from Rhein Main. Mine disintegrated.
  23. Doesn't seem like the money is coming fast enough, but I've been out of the game for 4 years.
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