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  1. munirabbasi

    NESA XFMR Thermoswitch

    Thanks Munir Abbasi
  2. munirabbasi

    Happy christmas day

    Happy christmas day to every world hercules member Munir Abbasi on behalf of Muslim community of Pakistan
  3. Hello world Expertises What is the temperature of sensing element at which FCU Q 102 Conduct to energise K 101 Munir Abbasi
  4. munirabbasi

    NESA XFMR Thermoswitch

    Hello World Expertises At What temperature ,NESA windshield transformer thermoswitch open the control relay Munir Abbasi
  5. Hello Hydraulic Expertise In normal brake Pressure line near to Normal brake selector valve (100CU IN Accumulator),one way restrictor is installed but in Emergency brake pressure line the restrictor is not installed (50 CU IN Accumulator) both hydraulic lines pressure are same (3000 PSI) what is the reason behind it? Munir Abbasi
  6. munirabbasi

    Brake Selector Relief valve

    Thanks Munir Abbasi
  7. munirabbasi

    NTS Failure

    Thanks Munir Abbasi
  8. munirabbasi

    NTS Failure

    Thanks Munir Abbasi
  9. munirabbasi

    Brake Selector Relief valve

    Brake selector valve relief to return line. The selector valve has builtin relief valve? Munir Abbasi
  10. munirabbasi

    Rudder Boost Diverter Valve Manual Override Button

    Thanks Munir Abbasi Thanks Munir Abbasi
  11. munirabbasi

    Brake Selector Relief valve

    Hello Hydraulic expertise At what pressure Brake selector valves (Normal & emergency) relief the pressure into return line Munir Abbasi