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  1. Thanks for hercules expertises We all continue strongly to maintain hercules flocks. Munir Abbasi
  2. Thanks defect has been solved (wiring Defective/intermittent) regards Munir Abbasi
  3. Hello Hercules Expertise During operation of No2, (AUTO mode) TIT, Ful flow and and Torque strat fluctuating more enough after fifteen minutes , at above CX over about 30-50 TIT, 500 to 700 torque and Fuel also.NULL operation is Normal .Any expert opinion, SWAP TD VALVE, TD amplifier and Wiring check found good. Regards Munir Abbasi
  4. Battery relay is energised only when battery voltage on load > 15V once ,it is energised ,battery bus bar is tieup with isolated DC bus, battery will charge but it can damage to battery(Overheating) when selected long period of time ,when battery relay is once energised, the holding circuit of the relay is completed and battery bus is remain hot even invent of the battery to maintain battery services ready. Regards Munir Abbasi
  5. Check the engine Anti-icing Valves and Bleed leak check procedure, may cause air conditioner sys or wing anti-icing malfunctioning have look leading edge and empennage look.Check the propeller angle ,FCU/TD adjustment AS Tech manual it can rewind the engine if angle or throttle is higher setting. it also can happen when SS valve is malfunctioning ie bleed vale failed to open atLSGI. Munir Abbasi
  6. Check the engine Anti-icing Valves and Bleed leak check procedure, may cause air conditioner sys or wing anti-icing malfunctioning have look leading edge and empennage look. Munir Abbasi
  7. Hello flyer Did C-130 land with one engine in history munir abbasi
  8. If complete loos of electrical power during engine starting cycle i,e > 16%, what effect on engine. Regards Munir Abbasi
  9. Hello tinny clark and hercules expertises Please reply stated question regarding AC EXT interlocking system. Regards Munir Abbasi home of hercules Pakistan
  10. Hello world hercules expertise Caution: Do Not jumper F and E pins of AC external power in cords or Aircraft, always jumper in GPU why it is , any safety please describe in detail. Regards Munir Abbasi
  11. see service New Vol 22 N 2 Regards Munir Abbasi
  12. I got reference from Service news vol 18- N2 Regards Munir Abbasi
  13. Why MLG are tie down with chain/straps when free fall emergency extension procedure is adapted as per -1 sec III @ it prevent side upward or inward or outward movement of carriage. Brief with reference of any book regards Munir abbasi
  14. Tiny clark thanks , I am also EM instructor at the home of hercules. regards munir abbasi
  15. tinyclark how it back its original position i.e neutral position, please describe internal function of cylinder, I thank i works like bellow regards munir abbasi
  16. Hello world expertise How main landing torque strut (MLG Torque STRUT) works internally, how cylinder retain its original position without spring/air/hydraulic. regards Munir Abbasi
  17. Replace the pressure control mounted on OH Munir Abbasi
  18. Condition lever SW/Touch-down sws/wiring/ FSOV Munir Abbasi
  19. ThankS MR RELIABLE Munir Abbasi
  20. 400+-20 cps at rpm 6000+-300 munir abbasi
  21. these were damage from main body. munir abbasi
  22. Hello expertise During ISO inspection, it was observed main landing gear down limit SWs are body badly damage due rubbing/chaffing of landing carriage . The gap is within limit on ground ops of landing gear. The chaffing signs were monitored on AUX jack pad on few aircraft. Munir abbasi
  23. thanks munir abbasi
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