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  1. Accident Images [ATTACH=CONFIG]4410[/ATTACH]
  2. Accident Images [ATTACH=CONFIG]4410[/ATTACH]
  3. Thanks ,Excellent information Regards Munir Abbasi (Retired) Home of hercules Pakistan
  4. Hallo Expertises case study:I was witness on 1998 at about 1530 the aircraft was seen off for TAXI test to check mark 1 antiskid system. aircraft accommodated PL .CP ,FE, SEO,EO LM,& Crew chief. The aircraft single disc brakes were overheated & caught fire ,flame was visible to every one, The Aircraft was taxi back to parking area , Crew chief observed heat & informed to PL that cargo floor is overheated. PL applied brakes but could not succeeded , sundly PL emergency shutdown all ENGs but the aircraft could not stop & turn toward in other parked aircraft PL rang alarm bell for evacuation .After a movement the aircraft collided to the parked aircraft . PL ,CP, FE, SEO EO one crew could not survived. In case how aircraft can stop if in the event of brakes ? PL supposed to switch off ENG ,is correct action please comments Thanks Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules Pakistan
  5. Mazurb Hi Your problem look like SCNS control unit plug wiring defective , see wiring Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  6. Dear LKuest Thanks. I will follow your directives Munir Abbasi Retired Home of hercules Pakistan
  7. Dear LKuest Thanks. , during flight when FE selected SYN master# 2 or#3 ,2 Eng RPM raised from limit or some time decrease from limit # 2 eng RPM start fluctuating about 5 to 6 % but snags could repeat not on ground Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules Pakistan
  8. Hello Expertises #2 ENG RPM DROP FROM 99.8% to 97.5% on SYN mode , when selected #3 Eng as master ,like wise selected # 2 ENG as master ,# 3 eng drop to 97 .5 % ,start fluctuating along with torque (2 & 3) ,electronic control box, valve housing,Pulse generator coil,SYN connectors & TACH generator were replaced. NTS gap checked found SAT, problem still existing. Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  9. Hello Expertises During flight # 1 ENG generator "C" phase voltage sudden drop to 90 V stay at 95 V ,with all WX /indication normal Generator & VR checked on bench found satisfactory result. is load of galley or # 1 & EXT tanks fuel pumps ,or NESA windshield,CC RE-circulating fan, FSR are malfunctioning. gally load C phase on L/container outlet Regards Munir abbasi Home of hercules Pakistan
  10. Thanks All honourable.we facing the problem on many aircrafts engines.but some aircraft RPM drop to 97% both modes i.e normal & mech. at flight rage >35 Degree throttle setting some A/C RPM increase to 103 %, Torque and other indication normal. all aircrafts RGB new/overhaul,RPM fluctuate about 97 -103% . all engine RPM fluctuation behavior different each other.ON SSC RPM became stable /normal. Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  11. Engine rpm fluctuation both the mode up to 5% when tachometer generator is installed on RGB pads but no fluctuation when same is installed on SS control reason? Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules Pakistan
  12. Hi edwardlcy I thank, yes no restriction is given 1C-130B-1 for LSGI Muinr Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  13. Please check RH aileron trim tab (adjust) as per TO 1C-130B-2-9, Because RH side the tab is fixed. Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  14. Thanks, both the senior for quick response. your services for hercules always remember ,dignity & honour. i pray for long life. Regards Munir Abbasi retired Home of the hercules Pakistan
  15. Hi Dave in WV thanks, my query is not comparison between Series. the question is why we call E model H model if it seires larry already given his point view.BEH of center wing is 46000 restriction,49000 grounded Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  16. Hello All We are facing the problem of engine generator leyland 40kva , stub shaft failure( wear off) , is it the problem of the starvation of lubrication or quality Regards Munir Abbasi Retired Home of hercules Pakistan
  17. DC10FE Thanks, Why we say E model B model if it is series w should H, E, or B series Regards Munir Abbasi
  18. Hello All C-130B/E/H/J ,C-130 indicate model or series & B/E/H/J indicate model No or Series ,please confirm Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  19. Hi Miamair I would suggest you,please contact to USA Defence/Lockheed for c-130A-3 structure repair T.O publication updating/change/TPC.It is useless to request. Regards Munir Abbasi retired Home of hercules Pakistan
  20. Dear AMPTestFE My opinion is a litter different to you. if you physically see the EL shutoff valves of my previous images ,you will find aft cargo above the door front of plate EL boost shut off valve aft of the plate UTY SOV. two tubes/piping does not matter the cost. if you see the AIL SVO & RUDDER SOV LH AFT & RH FWD respectively EL SOV opposite. I would like suggest you you will see the EL SOV physically. Regards Munir Abbasi Home of Hercules of Pakistan
  22. HI Jhjbd Absolutely I agree with you. if Call communicated during flight from LM/GC leak from left side (cargo looking aft ) leak is observed elevator boost package assy,definitely CP will take action emergency against utility HYD system where actual leak is booster side so create the confusion during emergency that why elevator control assy upside down i.e Utility HYD SOV RH & Booster LH Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  23. VICTORP1 I disagree brush type GEN load is restricted to .25% & brushless (PMG) .625 % on ground OPS Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  24. Hello hercules Expertises I have read IC-130B-2-4 Whenever you replaced #2 power plant (ENG) on Aircraft it is better to install new generator NOTE is label on T.O. Why??? Comments will be highly appreciated Regards Munir abbasi Retired Home of hercules Pakistan
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