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  1. PAF_Herc

    C130 wing critical angle?

    Hello! can anyone kindly share what aoa is the critical aoa for C130's wing?
  2. PAF_Herc

    Bleed effect on max power

    Thanks for sparing your valuable time. Well the explanation paragraph just tells to use this graph for the effect of drawing all bleed (including anti icing) on the torque at max power static with 1077 TIT. If you observe the graph, first help we can seek from it is to calculate the effect of drawing all bleed at various aerodrome elevations. In that, lets say my torque with normal bleed was 15000; the corrected torque at sea level comes out to be 10500 inch lbs and that at 4000 field elevation comes out to be 10900. Similarly, at 8000 feet field elev it comes out to be 11150 inch lbs against same 15000 inch lbs torque we started with. What i cant understand is that why am i getting greater torque at a higher field elevation when i take all bleed? As per the graph, the lower the field elevation, greater the torque loss due to switching the anti icing systems run by bleed air system i.e. wing and empannage anti icing. If we closely observe the chart, there are temp deviation lines as well. As per my understanding they can be used once you know the field elevation and you start with the torque with only air conditioning and pressurization bleed ON (normal bleed); you can calculate reduced torque at various temperature deviations and yes its a manual for E and H models with A-15 engines and 54H60-91 props. Kindly guide.
  3. PAF_Herc

    Bleed effect on max power

    Hello dear herc crew! can some one kindly guide me about the following, please:- As per graph of bleed effect on max power, with all bleed on the torque at sea level is lesser as compared to that for 2000 feet and 4000 feet and higher pressure altitudes. Lets say we start with 15000 thousand inch pounds, and see torque against sea level, then 4000 feet then 8000 feet; the torque keeps rising? why the effect of drawing all bleed (air conditioning, pressurization & anti-icing) is more pronounced at sea level aa compared to higher pressure altitudes?
  4. PAF_Herc

    Three Engine Performance

    That was a great help, thx
  5. PAF_Herc

    Three Engine Performance

    So in both cases where the words 'fuel flow loss' and 'fuel flow decrease' have been used; it means the same? i.e. reduced fuel flow by the TD system due to reduced air flowing through the combustion chamber???
  6. PAF_Herc

    Three Engine Performance

    Hello expert herc crew! In the performance manual of c130 E through H models, it is stated that 3 engine ops will cause certain changes in torque and fuel flow. The author at one point (3 eng ops) states it as fuel flow loss of 08 pounds per hour per engine. On the other hand, for 2 eng ops he calls it a fuel flow decrease of 24 pounds per hour per engine. Why the difference and what to interprete from this. The picture of mentioned paragraph is attached, pls. Kindly throw some light on it.
  7. PAF_Herc


    Well if u want to hear right from the horse's mouth; it varies from pilot to pilot and at times bird to bird. Some pilots through experience can actually forecast movement of a flock or solitary hovering bird while others can't. Also, with experience a pilot's spare mental capacity on final approach increases as he can handle the aircraft easily; thus making him relatively more Bird conscious. Nonetheless, some birds just do not give enough warning / time to manoeuver e.g. Pigeons, doves, starlings. As a general rule, bigger birds render more reaction time to the pilot; owing to their (Bird's) lesser manoeuverability and ease of visual spotting for the pilot. Thx
  8. Hello herc drivers! i am looking for C130 performance manual (soft copy) with T56-A-15 engines and 54H60-91 props. Can anyone share please.
  9. PAF_Herc

    No-flap takeoff?

    Sir are you Mr Fred Harsany?
  10. PAF_Herc

    Shredding Tires

    Hello! why would the aft ones blow first? kindly guide.
  11. Hello all herc operators / maintainers! Can someone kindly advice on the reason why the aircraft has a flight deck refrigeration shut off valve manual override handle (nav station). What purpose does it serve. Why only for the flight deck air conditioning flow regulator. Thanks in advance.