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    Well if u want to hear right from the horse's mouth; it varies from pilot to pilot and at times bird to bird. Some pilots through experience can actually forecast movement of a flock or solitary hovering bird while others can't. Also, with experience a pilot's spare mental capacity on final approach increases as he can handle the aircraft easily; thus making him relatively more Bird conscious. Nonetheless, some birds just do not give enough warning / time to manoeuver e.g. Pigeons, doves, starlings. As a general rule, bigger birds render more reaction time to the pilot; owing to their (Bird's) lesser manoeuverability and ease of visual spotting for the pilot. Thx
  2. Hello herc drivers! i am looking for C130 performance manual (soft copy) with T56-A-15 engines and 54H60-91 props. Can anyone share please.
  3. PAF_Herc

    No-flap takeoff?

    Sir are you Mr Fred Harsany?
  4. PAF_Herc

    Shredding Tires

    Hello! why would the aft ones blow first? kindly guide.
  5. Hello all herc operators / maintainers! Can someone kindly advice on the reason why the aircraft has a flight deck refrigeration shut off valve manual override handle (nav station). What purpose does it serve. Why only for the flight deck air conditioning flow regulator. Thanks in advance.