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  1. New primary servo motor for elevators and ailerons installed. System undergoing test. Outcome would be made known.
  2. C130 autopilot engages but doesn't couple. Coupler/controller, amplifier and servo motor replaced but discrepancy persists. Anyone with any idea to solve this problem? Thanks.
  3. whats the latest on your fuel leak

    1. Shola


      Aircraft grounded for more professional intervention.

  4. Ok, we will do that. However, will the venting pass through the normal vent or can leak as shown in the video?
  5. The fuel leak stopped during landing. The crew said the fuel blown off during landing was suspected to be from the residual fuel accumulation during the leak in flight.
  6. Thank you very much. We will follow your recommendations.
  7. Has anybody experienced fuel leak that occurs only in flight but not on ground. Our C130H recently leaked fuel from the No2 Main Tank, trailing edge of the wing. I attached a video showing the leak. VID-20190410-WA0008.mp4
  8. We jacked up the aircraft and flexed the left wing, simulating flight mode. Yet, we couldn't replicate the leak on ground. Gentlemen, any suggestions on how to locate the leaking point?
  9. Gentlemen, regarding the APU that quits after 8 to 20 minutes, a new centrifugal switch was installed and the APU has been operating properly now.
  10. Please replace the centrifugal switch with a new one and try running the APU again.
  11. C130 experts,..i have a problem on C130H...my aircraft got visible fuel leak on port aft wing...which is visible in flight above 6000 ft in flight....we have rectified plumbings in dry bay, flap area, drain system, yet fuel leak still persists in flight. The leak happens only in flight...we have replaced o rings at fuel pipeline at flap area..fuel leak still persist...any suggestion guys.. I have attached a video of the latest leak. VID-20190411-WA0033.mp4
  12. Our GTC85-180L stopped at 20 minutes with bleed air valve closed. What is the likely cause please?
  13. Correction please. Model is GTCP85-180L
  14. Thanks buddy. We will try this suggestion and let you know the outcome.
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