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  1. Moeed hassan

    Engine Starter

    Sir my question is which RPM u wanted to know.... I means RATED... NO LOAD CUT OUT or OUT PUT rpm??? Bcoz these all are different
  2. Moeed hassan

    Engine Starter

    On what condition???i Means at what level or stage u wanted to know the RPM???
  3. Moeed hassan


    My dear respected munir abbasi.....do u means how to consult FI according to reported defect???? Ok cool. It is pretty difficult to write it here but in short first of all u will find the FAULT CODE of your defect in the CONCERNING SYSTEM FI..... after geting code u will have to fine that code in the same FI and then u will b able to isolate that fault according to FI. I THINK IT WOULD B HELPFUL TO U. REGARDS.
  4. Moeed hassan

    Uncommanded movement of the throttle lever

    We have faced same problem once in the past and as pjvr99 said to check the gimble assy... I m sure problem would be there bcoz in over case which was same we finde accessive play in gimble assy... REGARDS.
  5. Moeed hassan


    Job guides are there for fault isolation..... Ok fine with the throttle anticepation but my question is how probkem shifted to other engines if the problem was with NTS BRACKET itself...
  6. Moeed hassan


    Pjvr99 do u know what actually happend in this case???? Look dear as mr. Muneer is saying problem shifted to No. 4 and No. 1 respectivly..... So NOW THE QUESTION IS IF NTS BRACKET WAS FAULTY THEN Y IT SHIFTED TO OTHER ENGINES??? No doubt NTS may also b the reason but only for one engine not for all.
  7. Moeed hassan

    Xover cut tit

    Thats it....... And actually my point was this.... Thanx dear and REGARDS...
  8. Moeed hassan

    Xover cut tit

    Sir if your TEMPERATURE CONTROLLING check is ok then will u bother CUT BACK on cross over??? I neans if there is no cut back but temp controling is ok then what will u say??? REGARDS
  9. Moeed hassan

    Xover cut tit

    Ha ha... Sir i m talking about correction of tit on reaching cross over aftr correction light out..... I agreed it should remain between 800 to 840..but my question is IS IT GOOD OR WRONG IF WE FEEL THE CUT RISE OF TIT WHEN CROSS OVER POINT ID OCCUR.... Regards.
  10. Moeed hassan

    Our #3 Engine Failed to Air Start

    Dear munir abbasi sir.... Can u plz tel me how ignition occurs??? Dear i means ignition is self sustaind.. Once ignited it wil remain self sustaind and if one of your ignitor plug is working good i think it will b enough to ignite the fuel air mixture.... REGARDS...
  11. Moeed hassan

    Our #3 Engine Failed to Air Start

    I disagreed with this..... Explain how the ignitor plugs are the defaulters in this case??? REGARDS...
  12. Moeed hassan

    Xover cut tit

    Pjvr99.....is that compulsory for tit to correct back aftr correction light is off..... I means if cut rise condition occures aftr correction light goes off... IS THAT CORRECT OR NOT???
  13. Moeed hassan


    Dear during landing portion PL remain much vigilent for these flying FOD.... but once PL reaches his final aproach and landing speed after this it is much difficult for PL to avoid these... So in my opinion it is the duty of mobil as well as ATC to clear enviroment from birds near the landing points....