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  1. Moeed hassan

    Power increases with engine anti-icing ON

    Pleased to read this topic... Very interesting fect u explained.... Thanx dear..... It really increased the knowledge of many.... REGARDS.
  2. Moeed hassan

    Throttle Quadrant

    Thanx for the input dear....
  3. Moeed hassan

    Bat Birds Pull to Left

    How about anti-skid system????
  4. Moeed hassan

    Throttle Quadrant

    That's dear Ahmer i ask fir help on this matter... Kets see if any one can guide about this....
  5. Moeed hassan

    Throttle Quadrant

    Dear PJ in this JG only rigging procedure is given... But quadrant parts removal and instalation is not given.
  6. Moeed hassan

    Throttle Quadrant

    Hello Herculece experties.... Need your help regarding maintenence of throttle quadrant... Can any body please tell me IN WHICH TECHNICAL publication (T.Os or JG) removal and installation and overhauling of throttle quadrant including all its parts removal and installation is given... And plz can u people tell me which agency is doing overhauling of this bcoz as per my knowlege in PDM WORK PACKAGE its not available... Thanks and many regards.
  7. Moeed hassan

    Turbine rear bearing support casing cracks

    What that service news says???
  8. Moeed hassan

    Turbine rear bearing support casing cracks

    In this case one thing is not mentioned by any one.... The most probebly cause which is overlooked by maintenence personals is the TAIL PIPE CLAMP..... the reason is when ever tail pipe is being installed on RBS many of us tried to fix tail pipe flange on RBS and some time by overtightening of this clamp excessive load felt on BOTH FLANGE and as a result cracks came on that area.....
  9. Moeed hassan

    c-130 Torque

    I think use of 1c130B-2-4 is no more in practice.... Job guides and FI has replaced it mostly.
  10. Moeed hassan

    #2 Engine failed to air-start

    may b SHOLA is talking about AIR START CIRCUIT.... because air start switch is not in valve housing..... NOT SURE BUT MAY B THIS SWITCH IS AVAILABLE IN ELECTRONIC VALVE HOUSING....
  11. Moeed hassan

    #2 Engine failed to air-start

    Plz do inform what ever u find as result... Regards.
  12. Moeed hassan

    #2 Engine failed to air-start

    It seems that may b fuel enrichmnt was not cut off at 50psi pressure... Bcoz if it so then it may b the reason for flamout due to rich mixture... Thats y i asked for enrichmnt chek on groun run...it wil clear the situation.
  13. Moeed hassan

    #2 Engine failed to air-start

    And what about FUEL ENRICHMENT??? Was that worked proper??? I means was fuel enrichmnt cut off or not???
  14. Moeed hassan

    #2 Engine failed to air-start

    Plz conform your fuel enrichmnt system by performing ground run with enrichmnt ON.... is the enrichmnt go OFF or not????
  15. Moeed hassan

    #2 Engine failed to air-start

    Dear when engine started unwinding at 60%rpm...at that time what was fuel flow.. Tit..and torque??