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  1. Hi dear paulo, LSGI RPM is 75% & NGI RPM is 95% , what will be ur decision in this situation. How we increase NGI RPM ? Regards
  2. Hello expertise, Any body knows about replenishing cycle of Hydraulic MIL-H-83282 on c130 aircraft hydraulic systems. Please informs with Technical order Reference. Tnx
  3. Plz installed TD tester, it will identify the component which having problem, if u haven't TD tester and u replaced all components of TD system u also replace LT harness assy, it might be resolve ur problem.
  4. Pj, if u change FSR ,AC cont panel and Generator. U should go to Replace FCU because there is no adjustment of GI & FI rpm if prop angle is with in limit. Regard
  5. Hello pj , when u put the engine to normal ground idle, Gen frequency on frequency meter available at GEN switch on OFF position.?
  6. If u replaced all thing plz check or replaced auxiliary start relay.
  7. Hello, replace APU fuel atomaizer most probably cause of this component.
  8. Ahmer

    Xover cut tit

    In Null u must very careful while moving throttle because u havn't overtemprature protection.
  9. Bleed valves sticks ,s.s valve malfunction.
  10. Ahmer

    Xover cut tit

    This is correction of TIT 15 to 60 °c not a cut back its miss consecpt.as per 1c-130B-2-4CL-1. But new JG 1c-130H-2-71JG-00-1 having no 15 to 60°c limit its only 800 to 840 limit of cross over TIT no correction mentioned here.
  11. The dual brake control valve have a metering valve piston is hollow with series of radial at return port end.An over pressure condition in the brake assembly ,caused by thermal expansion ,is automatically relieved by metering valve piston. Regard
  12. Yes if NTS system fail prop RPM will be more then power section at that time propeller RPM cross the limit 103.5 . it should be pitch locked and aircraft will yaw opposite direction. If Negative torque increases limit -6000 torque RGB Decoupled from power section. Definitely if outer engine is pitch lock and pilot not confirmed the torque should be more when throttle retarted & aircraft will be yawning opposite direction.we experienced of Pitch lock during NTS system failure during decsanding,Fault is with NTS bracket which not properly actuate NTS system.
  13. NTS system works above flight idle, NTS system work when prop try to rotate engine (during descending,gust load,interruption in TD system,and improper governing) when propeller try to rotate engine (negative torque ) produce this system increase the blade angle when blade angle increase prop RPM decease become in governing range RPM. If ur NTS system fail during descending & NTS system not increasing blade angle through feathering valve and propeller RPM increases obve the pich lock RPM limit ( above 103.5) then propeller should be pitch lock. U can observed pich lock propeller by moving the throttle forward engine RPM follow the throttle movement & torque will be same its indication of pitch lock. REGARDS
  14. It is installed on deverter panel at devert valve on both side utility & booster .regards
  15. INOPERATIVE WINDSHIELD ANTI−ICING Operation with inoperative windshield anti−icing is permissible provided. 1. The airplane is not flown in known icing. 2. The maximum speed limit below 10,000 feet is 185 KIAS due to possible bird strikes. Descent from high altitude into warm moist air with an inoperative nesa windshield anti−icing system will cause fogging and possible icing of the windshield. To minimize this, increase cabin air temperature and open the pilot’s and copilot’s windshield defogging valves. It is recommended that a gradual descent be made to allow the windshield, which has been cold−soaked at altitude, to warm with ambient cabin air.
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