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  1. Ahmer

    Allison 501-D22A Engine

    Can we use Allison 501-D22A commercial engine on military aircraft in place of T56-A-15 engine officially or by permission of civil aviation authority/ FAA.
  2. Ahmer

    Turbine rear bearing support casing cracks

    Normally turbine rear bearing support is cracked due to improper installtion procedure of tail pipe , excessive vibration of turbine(improper assembling turbine or vanes cracks), and spacers between turbine and vanes rubbing each other cause of turbine rear bearing support and tail pipe cracking. Regard
  3. Ahmer


    Yes,ABEX type EDP is used on both (with case drain run around and without case drain run around plumbing) NYAB is used only on with case drain & run around plumbing.in vickers type case drain & run around system deactivated. Regards
  4. Ahmer


    To avaoid such type FOD to improve APU panel modification of intake.Direction of intake is toword ground if u little change to upward to minimize the chance of FOD.(for without door APU)
  5. Ahmer


    Hello sir, Le49705 ,GTCP 85-180le .plz check
  6. Ahmer

    #2 Engine failed to air-start

    If u propeller feather or unfeather on ground its means u switch is working, u said ur rpm rewind at 60 % rpm .its mean when u restart engine ur prop angle changed( from 92degree towers flight idle) and prop start rotating .go to an other option it's means switch & circut good properly working .u check other option because rpm not sustained ur engine.sometime malfunction of td system at auto .regards
  7. Ahmer

    #2 Engine failed to air-start

    There is no air start switch in valve housing, condition lever air start position is is used during propeller hydraulic servicing , prop rigging on ground and air start the engine in air. The micro switch in condition lever actuate the prop aux pump motor when we select the condition lever to air start.
  8. Ahmer

    #2 Engine failed to air-start

    Might be one time malfunction of s.s control.
  9. Ahmer

    c-130 Torque

    This troubleshooting is not for torque flux, TD null & pitch lock is used when RPM flux to identify the problem is with prop or engine.