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  1. That you Festus? Condolences for your brother
  2. Best seat in the house! Now some do gooder will probably publish some regulations against it.
  3. New paint scheme? That could be dressed up nice with some contrast markings.
  4. And the old girl is pretty much Marine proof!
  5. Christmas weekend 1982 got hit with the duty section and was given a back to back wash-rack to stay busy with. Kinda took the bloom off of my holiday spirit. Merry Christmas all!
  6. The syntax reads like it was translated form English to Thai and back to English.
  7. I know some of those faces, when did we get old looking?
  8. It's pretty much weight dependent. Airshow take offs and climb outs are usually done with minimum fuel and cargo. A bird maxed out with cargo and/or fuel is going to take off using more runway and and a shallower climb out.
  9. Good article, I did notice that there where no stats for the H-34 in helo losses.
  10. Brochure was pretty straight forward (not trying to pick on the OP) to me. Basically higher output bleed air, ATM and motor eliminated and larger capacity generator mounted on the unit. Replacing the GTC with an APU more or less. Both of those exec's on the brochure are former C 130 Marines
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