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    Happy Birthday Casey!!! Thank you for all your hard work on this page. I know it it is greatly appreciated by us all.
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    Warrent Officer, South African Air Force,Henk van Rooyen with 12000 hours on C130 (Herc's) and a career spanning 43 years active duty has finally come to an end. Henk from all the squadron members, Goodbye and good luck. (Picture taken from facebook group)
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    I've been down this road before - the numbers his fleet manager is insisting they use are not correct. My test cell has digital and analogue torque indication. The digital easily spans numbers like that, the analogue guages cannot. I was proven right when my boss had one of the tm i failed sent to RollsRoyce for evauation. Report came back with 7 defects including excessive twist (overtorque) of the torque shaft. The tm unit had been overhauled by another facility
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    a film by Alan Stinar https://youtu.be/XSLdee58tLA
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    But Captain Higgens is looking great…
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    Today is the 48th anniversary (Nov. 24,1969) of the date my aircraft, C-130A tail number 56-0533, was shot down over Ban Salou, Laos during a Blind Bat flare mission. All aboard were lost: Capt Earl C. Brown Aircraft Commander 1Lt Peter R. Matthes Co-Pilot Maj Michael D. Balamoti Navigator Capt Richard O. Ganley Navigator SSgt Donald L. Wright Flight Engineer SSgt Larry I. Grewell Loadmaster Sgt Rexford J. DeWispelaere Loadmaster SSgt Charles R. Fellenz Illuminator
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    John Allen sent me these pictures of 55-0005 and 56-0469. They were Blind Bat aircraft. The pictures appear to be taken at Naha and Ubon 1969-70.
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    You always have my permission!! Thanks, Sonny
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    Brings back memories of my 1st assignment--I arrived at Naha in late 1968 and left in Dec 1969 and when I wasn't TDY, I was the OIC of the 374FMS Fabrication Branch--the sheet metal shop made and repaired the flare dispensers in the bats. Those guys flying the bats and the crewmembers doing their job in the back were amazing. I remember the terrible conditions the FMS folks had to endure in their unairconditioned rooms--4 people to a room and we had a crusty old Lt Col WWII bomber pilot as the squadron commander and he didn't allow anything pinned to the walls.
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    Thanks for sharing the images. With your permission, I will add them to the gallery. --Casey
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    Joe, welcome to the forum. Your name sounds familiar. When were you at Naha and Ubon? We're you a flight crew member at Ubon? If you have some names and dates, it would be great. I am always trying to fill in the gaps in my memory. I am sure that most of us older guys would like to see a complete "about me" on your membership name etc. Ken
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    I was just thinking about the remaining AD herk squadrons. Just a shell of what we have had. Yokota (1), Dyess (2), Little Rock (2) I consider the 62 as an RTU, but is AD, Elmendorf (1), and Ramstein (1). Not including Special Ops. 7 Worldwide. Downsizing and so forth. What a shame.