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    Thumbs up C 130 For Sale !

    1981 Lockheed C130H/Q Cargo/Utility View Details

    Comments: Excellent conditon, low time, ex NASA
    Listed by CTH Group Inc.Date Listed: 10/13/2009 10:15:03 AM View Seller Information
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    4901 USN 161495 N427NA stored at Racine WI owned by Russell Museum in IL.

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    Perhaps we ought to go in for a group buy
    Kinda like a time share herk


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    Aren't the NASA airplanes Frankenherks?

    No, they were mostly EC-130Q's from the Navy and one B that was the only C-130C 58-0712

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Wilson View Post
    Perhaps we ought to go in for a group buy
    Kinda like a time share herk

    Sure. I'll write a check. But that paint scheme has gotta go.

    It just does not look like a Herk with that white paint scheme. It looks kind of ... I dunno... delicate.

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    Talking paint job...

    I'd be cautious about the white paint job - they may be trying to hide some extensive body work!

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    Still a b E A utiful plane none the less.

    I'd take one anyway I could get it. Less the center wing box problems of course.


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    I kinda like the paint scheme. Except it'd be a full time job for somebody to keep it clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Railrunner130 View Post
    I kinda like the paint scheme. Except it'd be a full time job for somebody to keep it clean.
    Reminds me when I was CC on a VC-118A, 53-3229. Except the bottom of the fuselage wasn't painted, the leading edges and cowling weren't either. We had to polish the unpainted areas with Met-all everytime it flew a VIP mission. What a pain. And at Wright-Patt there were a lot of VIP trips in the early 70s. Even keeping it clean after pilot pros and standard pax runs. Finally talked them into painting the lower fuselage the standard light gray. Helped with the polishing but still had to wash it alot and keep it clean.

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    Talking White Paint

    Nah, easy to keep clean, just needs an orange and blue racing stripe.

    Wax on/Wax off!

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