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Aero Precision - Premier C130 Aftermarket Support
Aero Precision - Premier C130 Aftermarket Support
Aero Precision - Premier C130 Aftermarket Support

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As C-130Hercules.net has continued to grow, the software & hosting cost have grown with it and while the site's existence is not dependent upon donations, help to offset operating expenses is appreciated.   We have made both one-time and renewing donations options available below for those who wish to provide monetary support. 

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Champion Aerospace

  • Customer Comments

    “I highly recommend Casey for his prints. He really made sure I got exactly what I wanted for a description and history of my plane. Anyone even thinking about one; go for it. I'm sure you will be happy.”
    Mark K.

    “The print arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon and it's already at the frame shop. It looks amazing! Can't wait to send you a pic of the framed print.”
    Don R.

    “I received the two prints in mint condition. Thank you so much for sending them to me. I really appreciate your customer service.”
    Robert G.

    “Received the Heavy Chain prints today and they really look great! You have done an awesome job and I really appreciate it.”
    Jim C.

    “The (print) detail almost looks identical to the way it looked when I first saw this one in 1979. It brings back a lot of memories. I’m glad you take the time to do this work; it is really nice to have this piece of history to keep!”
    David S.

    “Love the print! I have it in the shop being framed.”
    Sonny C.

    "...exceptional is right would recommend to anyone.”
    Ken A.