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Found 1 result

  1. AL-EAS

    C-130H FS 477 Ext. Skin

    Hello, I'm new to this lovely website and forum, I found that quite a lot of you here are quite knowledgeable ( spent some time reading threads ) about Hercs and wondered if you could help me on a confusing situation. I'm part of a structural engineering support and our MRO is new to C-130s. We have a model 382C in horrible condition and I can't proceed too much in details because of our contract, I will most likely have to remove ( or edit, at best ) the thread in case I wrote anything too "accurate". Sadly, our situation is very complicated and because of this very peculiar situation, we have limited access to documentation and communications are hard to deal with, on top of that our MRO has no one experienced on Hercs, some come from the military but that's pretty much it. Our allowed documentation about the following problem is only SMP 583 and TO 1C-130A-23. But let's get to the point, this is a simple problem but limitations in the SMP and TO make it confusing. At FS-477, the external skin ( FS 437-477, item 1 of SMP 583 chap. 53-40-01 ) have somewhat deep partially-circular damages around fasteners ( the fasteners rows linked to the attach angle, attaching this skin to the FS 477 MLG WW web ). It seems to come from either the fasteners heads digging into the material because of the curvature or from a drilling operation where the chuck ( or the part below if the drill has a bigger attachment, unsure of the right name ) hit the material. Anyway, according to SMP, this kind of damage ( once cleaned-up ) would be allowed to go as far as 1/3T ( T being skin gage, here 0.050" ) on a 2.25" diameter, we're out-of-tolerance as this problem is recurrent on the whole length of the fasteners rows, we're far beyond the 2.25" D limit. However we have no specific repair either and generic repair seems a bit overkill for such a thing. Replacing it also seems to be way overkill and should avoided as much as possible. Generic repair also seems to have no max dimensions limit ( ??? ). I'm aware that TO 1C-130-A-3 have some repair answers however we're not allowed to use it ( for now; we're pushing to get access to it unless they want to replace half of the a/c ). I am unsure whether I explained the problem properly or not, so please ask me for any clarification but keep in mind I can't get deep into a/c details. Please pardon my english, I'm not that used to technical "metal working" and fasteners terms in english as I've not been in the work for long, still learning. However my leader also has no experience on Hercs and has left an hour ago ( he's aware of this thread ) so he's not here to correct the technical words I'm using, doing my best making it clear, but it becomes a bit clunky and has a lot of text. We have an external engineering support to ( supposedly ) help us whenever we have such problems, but we have been told not to bother them with such things ( so they're pretty much only useful to us to get P/N on prod drawings and for major repairs ). A sheet metal expert came was called over to help us clarify some things but he's barely able to spout numbers in english, despite being a very nice fellow he's pretty much useless to us ( as he can't explain us anything ) and will only be here for a dozen days. Basically none of us had a formation to work on Hercs and we're learning the hard way with no tolerance of failure and hardcore political problems around it, making this job a pain to perform. Salutations to all those that managed to put up with me and read all of this, thank you. ps: I haven't seen any forum regulations so I'm unsure if anything I've written here is sensible/out-of-chart/etc.