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Found 6 results

  1. Nope, not basic training. Had 49 close friends an arms length away. Not Sewart, drove back to Tupelo with family.......Christmas Day 1970....I had rotated back From TSN to CCK a week earlier. Just before leaving The Merlin hotel all of my best friends had checked in over a few day period. Me and the engineer packed up and checked out and rotated back to CCK. Got back to an almost empty barracks. They rest of my posse was in BKK. After a couple of days I called the scheduler and begged for a shuttle back to TSN. Everybody but me was in Saigon seeing the CBC band then back to the roof top of the Merlin to party some more. No crews going in country fro a couple of days. He said enjoy a few extra days of crew rest. Christmas eve alone in the barracks. Christmas Day a dude that I barely knew said he was walking to the Chapel to see the USO program. A Korean girl band singing Christmas carols. The USO really could do better. Went to the service club and got a ham and cheese sandwich for Christmas dinner. Went to my room and an empty barracks.....Oh, thanks to the Dude that asked me to walk up the hill to see the show. Merry Christmas
  2. RIP Frank

    On this day in 1970 we lost a running buddy. Frank Wilson was a loadmaster in 776th. Hit a mountain departing Taipei. Frank was part of our posse. Fun guy and everybody loved Frank.
  3. I'm trying to help a retired C-130 Crew Chief prove boots on the ground. He was based at CCK and did rotations to TSN with his plane, I have reached out to my Congressman, Steve Womack, to see if we can get a short cut to getting credit for Vietnam service. I was able to supply the Air Force documentation and photos that proved my service. I was lucky to have all my old travel vouchers. They sent me a letter acknowledging my Vietnam service. Most people are not as lucky. I am trying to quantify the number of C-130 squadrons that were based off shore. I was at CCK and we had three. I can't remember where the "A" and "B" models were PCS or where they based in Vietnam. Also for the line MX and Crew Chiefs how often they rotated in and out of country. I am doing a write up to include in my letter the nuts and bolts of how we ran our trash hauler operations. I am trying to get his support and a short cut we can use to streamline this process. I realize the gunships had similar a similar set up. Any input would be appreciated as I think we lost around 55 C-130s and for the most part none of them were PCS Vietnam....Steve Womack is a retired Army Col. He has jumped a C-130 so he will have a good knowledge of what we did.
  4. CCK 1967 1968

    It seems to me that most of the talk on this site is being done by flight crew members.. C-130B C-130E I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations is over by now.. so I will ask.. Knowing Naha was a C130-A base.. How many of you had a Alternator write up so that you could spend some time in town while we pulled and padded the alternator on the affected engine ? LOL...
  5. Leave from CCK, Spring 1971

    Desperate to complete a check ride so I could go on leave. http://vietnamairlift.com/cckbeforeleave.html http://vietnamairlift.com/cckafterleave.html Alan
  6. "Refusing to falsify this training certification may have been a career-limiting move, but what could they do? Send me to Vietnam?" http://vietnamairlift.com/paperwork.html