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Aero Precision - Premier C130 Aftermarket Support
Aero Precision - Premier C130 Aftermarket Support

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Found 3 results

  1. Utility hyd system venting fluid

    The utility hydraulic system keeps venting fluid into the drip tray during flight. It doesn’t appear to be bleeding through from the Aux system. I am a bit stumped any ideas ?
  2. H model emergency brake pressure 3800psi, normal brakes 3600psi during finals on approach. Cannot replicate fault on the ground. All other hydraulic pressures remain within limits.
  3. Hi everyone, I've been trying to figure out why the elevator boost system is reversed, compared to the aileron/rudder assemblies. I've heard theories, and have looked into the NATOPS, and the lockheed manuals, sorry airforce I dont know your books too well, but I'm looking for a pub or something official saying why. I have heard that the elevator boost assembly was simply designed to be installed upside down, which I guess makes sense. But I have also heard that it was put in that way to prevent confusion since if you're inspecting it, you'd have to face aft and therefore get the filters (for example) confused. I find this hard to believe, but any help would be greatly appreciated