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Found 2 results

  1. Engine RPM after startup

    Hi everyone, After seeing this video, I have some questions. I know that the turboprops of the Herc are constant speed ones, meaning the pitch of the blades is adjusted in order to gain speed. In the video above, a Fat Albert is going through startup procedures. At 0:05 engine No.3 starts up and at 0:43 it seems like the engine is at idle speed. Then at 0:46 the engine increases its RPM which can be heard and seen. This startup procedure is repeated for the engines No.4, No.2 and No.1. When the video reaches 2:11, the engines somehow decrease their RPM. And with this RPM, the Fat Albert starts to taxi. Is there some kind of switch to increase and decrease the RPM of the engines? And what is the use of this increase and decrease of RPM? I hope to hear from someone soon. Kind regards, C-130Hercules
  2. Hye there, we are in progress to settle down on the defect "No 4 eng RPM overspeed 105%-106% and maintain in normal and mech gov"- During EGR found No.4 TORQUE, TIT and FUEL FLOW, LOW at crossover with RPM overshoot to 104%.INDICATION AT CROSSOVER.Torque : 1400lbs TIT: 678℃ Fuel Flow : 990RECTIFICATION BEING TAKEN :-RPM adjustment.-Blade angle adjustment.-Null orifice + wormshaft adjustment-ectm-valve housing replaced.-syncrophaser- Coordinator resistance cx- tachogene resistance cx- Dome Assembly-SATIS.Still persist after a week : -Propeller and Valve Housing replaced.- SATIS.Still persist on next day :.No.4 engine RPM overshoot to 103.3% RPM on power advance with pitch lock symptomps.+ RPM fuel governed out of limit.- pitch lock regulator - still persist.- FCU replace - SATIS.New snag after a week :No 4 engine nil low pitch stop.- Rigging blade angle and low pitch stop adjustment.-Valve housing adjustment.- Replace dome assy.- Replaced low pitch stop packing.*Still Persist.No 4 eng RPM overspeed with TORQUE, TIT and FUEL FLOW, LOW at crossover with RPM overshoot to 104%.- Replaced Back previous dome assy + low pitch stop packing.* SATIS but torque anticipation very slow during advance throttle.*Throttle already at FLIGHT IDLE, TQ remain : 1.40 lbs.-After about 10 sec TQ increase to 3.4lbs.*Advance throttle, RPM+FUEL FLOW + TIT increase with low TQ until RPM overshoot until 104.4%.- Retard throttle, RPM drop and TQ can SLOWLY can achieved 7.5lbs.-Replaced Coordinator.* Still persist.- Replace another Valve Housing.*Still persist. Anyone got idea on this synthom ?