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Found 9 results

  1. On Christmas Night in 1968 there was a night C-130 Medi Vac of Villagers in Duong Dong. Many killed and more severely wounded by Friendly Fire. I have a Vet friend that set the smudge pots for the night landing. He is writing a book about the events. They had been hit that afternoon by a VC attack. They fought it off by small arms fire and mortar rounds at the white smoke that the FAC plane had sent in. The VC had set up in the edge of the village with rockets and artillery. They fought off the attack and the VC retreated however it left many South Vietnamese severely wounded. The commander called for a C-130 to land Christmas night to evacuate the wounded to SGN. When the C130 approached the Island they lit the smudge pots. The only time a C-130 went in there at Night. They set up a perimeter around the plane and fired into the fields around the runway. Do any of you recall a mission like this. The crew that flew this will never forget it I am sure. We would love to hear from the crew if anybody recalls this mission.
  2. PBS Vietnam War

    Well, I have watched the first 5 episodes of the series. The inflated body counts and the playing down of American KIAs and just dis information brings to light a few situations that come back to me. After flying and back on the roof of the Merlin Hotel we would sit around and talk about where we went and what we hauled. The dreaded KIAs would always come up i the conversations. The number we hauled would always be higher than what was reported on the network news. We were just one of three C-130 groups in country. Add in the "Boos" and Choppers and I see now that they were not reporting any where close to the true numbers of KIAs. I never saw the war as political. My war was tactical and my only interest was putting in the chocs after 16 hours of bouncing off dirt strips. Medicate, sleep a little then do it again the next day. Do that for 15 months then go home. That's what I did. Many of my friends came home and became activist. I just went to work and started a family. I survived mine and moved on. I feel so lucky to have made a good decision and Joined the USAF and been selected to be a Loadmaster
  3. Boots on the Ground

    Need help trying to find anyone who knew Larry E. Voss who was with the 374th Field Maintenance SQ PACAF. He was a Air Frame Repairman who patched bullet holes on the C130 and F102s in Tan Son Nhut for approximately 29 days in the summer of 1969. It is not on his DD214 and he received all his records and there is nothing on them. He has been battling with this for about 10 years now and needs help. He has severe diabetes among other health issues. If you need more information or can give any help please let me know. Thank you for your help, and your service. John Eckstein
  4. Somebody's got’ta do it

    This may have been posted before, but I didn’t see it on the reference C-130 videos C-130 MILITARY AIRLIFT COMMAND VIETNAM WAR AIRFORCE NOW 75754
  5. I'm trying to help a retired C-130 Crew Chief prove boots on the ground. He was based at CCK and did rotations to TSN with his plane, I have reached out to my Congressman, Steve Womack, to see if we can get a short cut to getting credit for Vietnam service. I was able to supply the Air Force documentation and photos that proved my service. I was lucky to have all my old travel vouchers. They sent me a letter acknowledging my Vietnam service. Most people are not as lucky. I am trying to quantify the number of C-130 squadrons that were based off shore. I was at CCK and we had three. I can't remember where the "A" and "B" models were PCS or where they based in Vietnam. Also for the line MX and Crew Chiefs how often they rotated in and out of country. I am doing a write up to include in my letter the nuts and bolts of how we ran our trash hauler operations. I am trying to get his support and a short cut we can use to streamline this process. I realize the gunships had similar a similar set up. Any input would be appreciated as I think we lost around 55 C-130s and for the most part none of them were PCS Vietnam....Steve Womack is a retired Army Col. He has jumped a C-130 so he will have a good knowledge of what we did.
  6. Google map of Vietnam airfields

    I identified about 30 Vietnam airfields and bases that I flew into in 1970 and 1971. Some have been completely obliterated, some are disappearing, and others are relatively unchanged. See http://vietnamairlift.com/googlemaps.html Enjoy, Alan
  7. http://vietnamairlift.com

    Hello All, A few weeks ago I began writing down my experiences flying C-130's in Vietnam in 1970 and 1971. FYI, they are now at a new web URL: http://vietnamairlift.com The old URL's still work, but to minimize confusion I've edited my posts here to reflect the new name. More stories will follow. Enjoy. Alan P.S. Thanks for your feedback. It's great to hear your experiences too! :)
  8. "Note to self: 5' tail-to-nose clearance is too much. If you really need a buddy start to work on the first try, pull in tight so the nose of your airplane is 5' UNDER the tail." For the rest see http://http://vietnamairlift.com/windmilltaxi.html Alan
  9. Vietnam airlift memoir

    This summer I'm writing about my experiences flying C-130's in Vietnam and Thailand in 1970 and 1971. Today I wrote about max effort landings at Pope and how Jane Fonda was arrested at nearby Ft. Bragg. Much more to follow. See http://vietnamairlift.com/popeflying.html Alan