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 Date LPN Model Status Reg: Owner/Operator Command Division Wing Group Squadron Flight Location
201X-XX-XX 3647 C-130B act S3-AGC   Bangladesh AF UN Peace keeping operation, DRC
Note: Member entry, unsure of exact date
201X-XX-XX 3820 C-130E i/a 62-1856   Polish AF
Note: Replaced by c/n 3755 (PolAF "1508") now used as ground trainer.
201X-XX-XX 5155 C-130H act 88-4402   USAF AAFRES 440 AW 44 OG 95 AS
Note: unsure of transfer date to 95 AS
201X-XX-XX 4643 C-130H act 1677   Afghan AF
 Looking for date that the aircraft was transferred to the Afghan AF.
2018-05-02 4110 HC-130H des 65-0968   USAF PRANG 198 AS
Crash: After take off: Savannah, GA
2018-04-05 5842 HC-130J act 15-5842   USAF ANG 129 RW Moffett Federal Airfield, CA
Paint/Markings: Two-tone gray with CA on tail
2017-XX-XX 5821 C-130J-30 act KC-3811   Indian AF AFS Arjan Singh, in West Bengal, India
Delivered: DD250 2017-07-28
2017-XX-XX 4308 C-130H act TC-61   FAA
Note: The first Hercules C-130 aircraft to complete Argentina's in country modernization process featuring digital communication systems, navigation, digitization of in-cabin information, re-wiring and a new air conditioning system.
2017-XX-XX 5823 C-130J-30 pro KC-3812   Indian AF LMA Marietta, GA
Note: To Hindon, on flight line
2017-11-29 4971 C-130H act 82-0056   USAF AFSOC 27 SOW 16 SOS
Note: Pilot proficiency training aircraft
2017-11-18 5311 C-130H-30 act M30-14   Royal Malaysian Air Force
Mishap: Gear up landing at Labaun. No injuries.
2017-10-12 5826 C-130J-30 act 15-5826   USAF Dyess AFB, TX
Delivered: to Dyess AFB, TX
2017-08-14 5822 C-130J-30 act 15-5822   USAF USAFE 37 AS Ramstein AB, Germany
Delivered: DD250 2017-08-14
2017-07-XX 5827 HC-130J pro 15-5827   USAF 176 WG 211 RQ LMA Marietta, GA
Paint/Markings: Two tone dark gray, AK on tail
2017-07-XX 5829 HC-130J pro 15-5829   USAF 176 WG 211 RQ LMA Marietta, GA
Note: To Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK
2017-07-13 5812 C-130J-30 act KC-3807   Indian AF LMA Marietta, GA
Delivered: Indian AF
2017-07-13 5814 C-130J-30 act KC-3808   Indian AF LMA Marietta, GA
Delivered: Indian AF
2017-07-10 5303 C-130T des 165000   USMC VMG-452
Crash: The KC-130T, en route from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina to Naval Air Facility El Centro in California, crashed on Monday into a soybean field between the towns of Itta Bena and Moorhead, in the Mississippi Delta. It was ferrying members of the elite Marine Raiders special operations force and their equipment, who were scheduled to proceed from El Centro to Yuma, Ariz. While flying at 20,000 feet, the KC-130 suddenly began spinning out of control towards the ground and ceased responding to radio transmissions. The aircraft broke up in flight with the flight deck and parts of the fuselage impacted one mile from the main crash site.
2017-07-00 5825 MC-130J pro 15-5825   USAF AFSOC LMA Marietta, GA
Note: On flight line, to Cannon AFB, NM
2017-07-00 5828 C-130J-30 pro 15-5828   USAF AMC LMA Marietta, GA
Note: on flightline, to Little Rock AFB, AR
2017-07-00 5830 HC-130J act 2011   USCG
Note: DD 250 2017-11-22. To LMA Greenville for paint then to L-3 Technologies’ Integrated Systems Platform Integration Division in Waco, Texasfor missionization with the Minotaur Mission System Suite modification program.
2017-07-00 5831 C-130J-30 pro 15-8531   USAF PACAF 36 AS LMA Marietta, GA
Note: To Yokota AB, Japan
2017-06-XX 5815 HC-130J act 14-5815   USAF 176 WG 211 RQS Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK
2017-06-XX 5818 LM-100J pro N-5103D   Lockheed LMA Marietta, GA
Note: Flight Test/FAA certs
2017-06-XX 5824 LM-100J pro N5105A   Lockheed LMA Marietta, GA
Paint/Markings: White with large LM-100J and smaller N5105A on empennage. Large blue Lockheed star on tail. Lockheed Martin and Star on forward fuselage above crew door and level with the lower edge of the flight deck windows. Experimental above crew door.  
2017-06-30 5813 C-130J-30 act 15-5813   USAF PACAF 374 AW 36 AS Yokota AB, Japan
Note: Completed the 374th Airlift Wing’s first C-130J operational mission.
2017-06-30 5820 KC-130J act 169229   USMC VMGR 234 LMA Marietta, GA
Delivered: DD250 30 Jun 17
2017-06-23 5819 C-130J-30 act KC-3810   Indian AF LMA Greenville, SC
Delivered: DD250 2017-06-23. Ferried to LMA Greenville for post production window repairs on 2017-06-23. To Indian AF after repairs.
2017-06-22 5817 C-130J-30 act 15-5817   USAF PACAF 36 AS LMA Greenville, SC
Delivered: DD250 2017-06-22. Ferried to LMA Greenville for post production window repairs on 2017-06-27. To Yokota AB after repairs.
2017-06-09 5418 C-130H act 95-6710   USAF ANG 130 AS
Paint/Markings: Gray, Blue tail stripe wit Charlie West text, “Spirit of the Kanawha Valley” nose art (script text above crew door)
2017-05-12 5816 C-130J-30 pro KC-3809   Indian AF LMA Greenville, SC
Note: Post production window repairs then to Indian AF
2017-04-28 3755 C-130E i/a 62-1801   US ARMY Fort Campbell, KY
Note: jump trainer.
2017-04-27 3167 C-130A pre 57-0460   National Warbird Museum Washington DC
Note: Ownership transferred to the National Warbird Museum in Geneso, NY. Still stored at Dulles IAP.
2017-04-21 5763 MC-130J act 12-5763   USAF AFSOC 353 SOG Kadena AB, Japan
2017-03-XX 4982 C-130H i/a 82-0061   USAF Wright Patterson AFB, OH
Note: to become an aerovac trainer.
2017-03-28 5811 MC-130J pro 15-5811   USAF AFSOC LMA Greenville, SC
Note: Post production flight deck window repairs, then to Hurlburt Field/AC-130J conversion
2017-02-XX 5083 C-130H act 85-0040   USAF AAFRES 357 AS
Name: War Eagle. Unsure of when the aircraft received the name.
2017-02-XX 5265 MC-130H des 90-0161   USAF AMARC
Note: Aircraft remains departed AMARC. Disposition unknown.
2017-02-XX 5807 C-130J-30 act 14-5807   USAF PACAF 36 AS Yokota AB, Japan
2017-02-27 5804 C-130J-30 act 14-5804   USAF AETC 314 AW 62 AS Little Rock AFB, AR
Delivered: Delivered to Little Rock AFB. Little Rock's final C-130J delivery.
2017-02-27 4718 C-130H i/a 74-2131   USAF Scott AFB, IL
Note: The C-130H FuT provides a controlled environment where personnel can schedule realistic, high-fidelity task training and mission simulation, ensuring that AE crew and ground support personnel remain proficient in providing high quality and reliable patient transport.
2017-02-24 5295 C-130H act 91-9142   USAF 908 AW
Name: War Eagle
2017-02-24 5089 C-130H wfu 85-0042   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
2017-02-23 5809 MC-130J pro 14-5809   USAF AFSOC LMA Greenville, SC
Note: Post production flight deck window repairs, then to Hurlburt Field, FL/mod to AC-130J
2017-02-14 5079 C-130H wfu 85-0038   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
2017-01-20 5197 C-130H act 89-1188   USAF AFRC 908 AW
Name: Roll Tide
2017-01-19 5810 C-130J-30 pro 15-5810   USAF PACAF 36 AS LMA Greenville, SC
Note: Post production flight deck window repairs, then to Yokota AB, Japan
2017-01-13 5806 KC-130J act 169228   USMC LMA Marietta, GA
Delivered: DD250 2017-01-13
2017-01-05 5808 HC-130J pro 2010   USCG LMA Greenville, SC
Note: Post production flight deck window repairs, then to USCG Base Elizabeth City
2017-00-00 4592 C-130H act 74-1660   USAF 179 AW 164 AS
 Unsure of exact transfer date, may have been 2016?

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