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 Date LPN Model Status Reg: Owner/Operator Command Division Wing Group Squadron Flight Location
2008-03-XX 4441 C-130M act 2470   FAB King George Island, Antarctica
Mishap: The Lockheed C-130M Hercules transport plane suffered a landing accident at Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin Air Base, King George Island, Antarctica. The right hand main landing gear reportedly collapsed while landing on runway 29. The number 4 propeller separated.
2008-03-00 3145 C-130A b/u N537UN   ARM International
Note: Scrapped
2008-02-XX 5156 C-130H act 88-4403   USAF
Note: on loan to 43 AW
2008-02-XX 5158 C-130H act 88-4405   USAF 43 AW
Note: on loan
2008-02-00 3142 C-130A act N131HP   International Air Response
2008-01-XX 3005 C-130A b/u 53-3133   ARM Int'l
Note: Shredded
2008-01-XX 3048 DC-130A b/u 158228   USN K-Tech Yard
Note: Cockpit only
2008-01-XX 3051 C-130A wfu 55-0024   DMI DMI Aviation Yard
Note: Complete except for rngines and landing gear.
2008-01-XX 3053 C-130A wfu 55-0026   ARM International ARM International Yard
2008-01-XX 3207 C-130A wfu N207GM   OGMA
Note: for sale. Complete except for engines and landing gear.
2008-01-XX 5515 KC-130J act 165957   USMC VGMR-152
Paint/Markings: QD on tail
2008-01-XX 3784 C-130E i/a 62-1821   Boeing Long Beach
Note: cockpit used as AMP test bed
2008-01-XX 3873 C-130E des 63-7794   Total Aerospace Tucson, AZ
Note: to Aircraft Restoration & Marketing, owned by Total Aerospace, pieces only,fuselage to HVF Precious Metals
2008-01-XX 3987 C-130E b/u 64-0503   Acft Resoration & Marketing Tucson, AZ
 fuselage only
2008-01-00 3138 C-130A act N125TG   International Air Response
Note: act? wfu?
2008-00-00 3149 C-130A b/u N136FF   International Air Response Chandler, AZ
Note:  Scrapped
2007-XX-XX 3007 C-130A w/o 10602   FAM
Note: Where is this aircraft? SPAR, Canada? Broken-up?
2007-12-00 3104 C-130A ia N8053R   International Air Response Yuma Proving Grounds
Note:  Placed on Pad.
2007-11-XX 3206 C-130A des 97-206   Total Aerospace
Note: scrapped
2007-11-XX 3210 C-130A des RP-R3210   Total Aerospace Manilla, Phillipines
Note: scrapped
2007-11-XX 3211 C-130A des RP-R3211   Total Aerospace Manilla, Phillipines
Note: scrapped
2007-11-XX 3505 C-130B wfu FAE 895   Ecuador AF Quito
Note: Stored
2007-11-00 4037 HC-130P act 64-14853   USAF 79 RQS
2007-10-XX 3031 C-130A b/u 55-0004   National Aircraft
2007-10-XX 3063 C-130A b/u 55-0036   USAF National Aircraft
Note:  Broken up
2007-10-XX 3165 C-130A des 57-0458   National Aircraft
Note: broken up
2007-10-XX 3166 C-130A wfu N135HP   Aerosource Navare Fl
Note: to scrap
2007-10-XX 3181 C-130A wfu TAM61   Bolivian AF
Note: stored at La Paz
2007-10-XX 3218 C-130A wfu N134HP   Total Aerospace Greybull
Note: to be scrapped
2007-10-XX 3220 C-130A wfu N8230H   Total Aerospace Greybull
2007-10-XX 3908 C-130E i/a 63-7838   USAF Sheppard AFB, TX
Note: ground trainer
2007-10-XX 3980 C-130E i/a 64-0496   USAF Warner Robins ALC, GA
Note: ABDR trainer
2007-10-00 3137 C-130A b/u 56-0529   USAF National Aircraft
2007-10-00 3143 C-130A wfu N133FF   D&D Enterprises Gerybull, WY
Note: Fuselage only
2007-10-00 3151 C-130A b/u 56-0543   National Air Cargo
Note: broken-up
2007-10-00 3152 C-130A b/u 56-0544   National Air Cargo
2007-09-20 3920 C-130E wfu 63-7850   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF0281
2007-09-17 3898 C-130E wfu 63-7830   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF0280
2007-09-12 3934 C-130E wfu 63-7864   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF0277
2007-09-10 3944 C-130E wfu 63-7874   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF0274
2007-09-00 3116 C-130A pre 10607   FAM Santa Lucia AB
Note: Gate guard?
2007-08-26 4230 C.1P des XV205   RAF 47 Sq
Crash: night crash landing at southern Afghan dirt strip. Blown up by British Army.
2007-08-20 3870 C-130E wfu 63-7804   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF0270
2007-08-09 3916 C-130E wfu 63-7846   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF0269
2007-07-XX 3009 C-130A i/a 54-1622   US ARMY Tobyanna Army Depot
Note: Communications-electronics trainer
2007-07-16 3879 C-130E wfu 63-7809   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF0271
2007-06-XX 5479 C-130J act ZH881   RAF Lyneham
Paint/Markings: Green
2007-06-XX 3119 C-130A wfu N121TG   International Air Response Coolidge, AZ
2007-05-XX 3004 C-130A wfu 3601   FAM
2007-05-xx 3158 C-130A ia 56-0550   USAF 139 AS
Note: Delivered in a C-5

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