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 Date LPN Model Status Reg: Owner/Operator Command Division Wing Group Squadron Flight Location
2016-03-23 4611 C-130H act 74-1666   USAF 374 AW 36 AS
2016-03-03 4141 HC-130P wfu 65-0986   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: PCN 528803
2016-02-25 5781 C-130J-30 act 103   IDFAF
Delivered: DD250 2016-02-25. To Greenville for Israel-specific post delivery modifications.
2016-01-XX 5786 MC-130J act 13-5786   USAF AFSOC 67 SOS
Delivered: Ferried to Mildenhall, England.
2015-XX-XX 5121 NC-130H act 157   USFS
Note: unsure if registration has/will change.
2015-11-25 3081 C-130A act N473TM   TBM inc
 Flown from Sequoia Field in Visalia to Castle Air Museum in Atwater, CA.
2015-10-23 5778 MC-130J act 13-5778   USAF AFSOC RAF Mildenhall
Delivered: DD250 2015-10-23.
2015-10-22 5777 MC-130J act 13-5777   USAF AFSOC Kadena AB, Japan
Delivered: DD250 2015-10-22.
2015-10-10 5776 MC-130J act 13-5776   USAF AFSOC Kadena AB, Japan
Delivered: Ferried from Marietta to Kadena AB, Japan
2015-09-XX 5772 AC-130J act 12-5772   USAF AFSOC
Note: May not have been officially re-designated as AC-130J at this point.
2015-09-21 5237 MC-130H wfu 89-0281   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: first MC-130H retirement
2015-09-19 5775 MC-130J act 13-5775   USAF AFSOC Kadena AB, Japan
Delivered: DD250 2015-09-19.
2015-08-27 5770 MC-130J act 13-5770   USAF AFSOC Cannon AFB, NM
Delivered: Ferried from Marietta to Cannon AFB, NM.
2015-06-29 3616 KC-130B des A-1310   Indonesian Air Force 32 Sq
Crash: At least 116 people are feared dead after an Indonesian air force transport plane crashed into a major city shortly after take-off and exploded in a fireball. Buildings were left in ruins and cars reduced to flaming wrecks when the Hercules C-130 came down on Tuesday in a residential area of Medan, a city of two million on the island of Sumatra. Air force chief Agus Supriatna said the manifest showed there were 113 people on board the plane - 12 crew and 101 passengers - when it crashed, and he did not believe any had survived "No, no. No survivors, I have just returned from the site," he told AFP in answer to a question. So far, 49 bodies had been recovered and taken to hospital, he said. Many passengers were likely to be family members of servicemen and women, said a spokesman for Medan air base, where the plane took off. At least one child has so far been confirmed killed. The local search and rescue agency also said that three people were killed on the ground when the 51-year-old plane went down near a newly built residential area, hitting a massage parlor and a small hotel. A rescue operation swung into action, with ambulances ferrying bodies from the site, and crowds of anxious residents gathering around a police cordon to view the smouldering wreckage. Residents of Medan described the terrifying moment just after midday when the plane came down. "It was very scary," said Novi, an employee of an international school who goes by one name, describing how she heard the plane and saw it flying very low before the crash. Another local resident Januar, 26, said the aircraft appeared to be in trouble just before the accident. "I saw the plane from the direction of the airport and it was tilting already, then I saw smoke billowing."
2015-06-01 5241 MC-130W act 90-1058   USAF 16 SOS
2015-05-XX 5769 HC-130J act 11-5769   USAF 71 RQS Moody AFB, GA
Delivered: USAF
2015-05-14 4143 HC-130P pre 65-0988   USAF Moody AFB Air Park
Paint/Markings: MY on tail.
2015-04-21 5710 AC-130J w/o 09-5710   USAF AFSOC
Mishap:  The crew was performing a high-angle, side-slip at Eglin AFB, Fla., during handling tests of the developmental gunship when the aircraft departed controlled flight at 15,000 feet over the Gulf of Mexico, according to the AIB. The AC-130J "tumbled inverted" before test pilots were able to recover controlled flight, entering a vertical dive, on April 21. The aircraft lost 5,000 feet altitude, pulled 3.19 Gs, and oversped the flaps' maximum allowed airspeed by 100 knots before returning to level flight. The AIB determined the pilot's excessive rudder input and failure to quickly recover from uncontrolled flight were the primary cause of the mishap. Problems with the aircraft's warning system, pilot disorientation, confusion from being hit with unsecured equipment, and inadequate technical guidance also contributed to the mishap. The aircraft, serial number 09-5710, also suffered a similar incident in February, and has been grounded since the April mishap. Loss of the aircraft is estimated at $115.6 million.
2015-04-10 4041 C-130E act 130307   RCAF 424 Sq
Note: 46,631 flying hours and still going strong
2015-04-10 5416 C-130J-30 act ZH867   United Kingdom Lyneham
Oeration:  A British Royal Air Force C-130 Hercules (ZH867 c/n 5416) has been assisting UNMISS to transport critical supplies to UN camps. It conducted over 20 flights between Entebbe, Juba and Malakal, Upper Nile State, moving on average 25 tons of cargo per day, over the last two weeks. Flying under challenging terrain conditions, a lack of air traffic radar equipment, and ongoing conflict on the ground, this is the first deployment of a UK C-130 to a UN peacekeeping operation in Africa. It has contributed enormously to the UN Air Transport Fleet by doubling its air-lift capacity. The aircraft, deployed with a support team of 13 staff officers, has moved UN vehicles, building supplies, water, engineering equipment, and other vital materials needed ahead of the rainy season to equip Malakal’s UN base, which is also currently assisting over 26,000 internally displaced persons in the Protection of Civilians site.
2015-04-10 4288 C-130E act 10327   RCAF
Note: at depot, may be re-activated
2015-04-10 4568 C-130H act 130332   RCAF 413 Sq
2015-04-08 4932 EC-130Q act N41RF   Verdugo Oil and Gas Halifax, Nova Scotia
Name: Chief Crazy Horse
2015-04-08 3219 C-130A act N118TG   Intenational Air Response Mesa, AZ
2015-03-24 5765 HC-130J act 11-5765   USAF ACC 374 RG 71 RQS Moody AFB
Name: FT on tail
2015-03-19 5766 HC-130J act 2008   USCG LM Greenville, SC
Delivered: HC-130J long-range search and rescue aircraft for the U.S. Coast Guard was delivered and ferried to Lockheed Martin's Greenville, South Carolina, site for post-production modifications, including paint and finishes. This aircraft will be re-delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard in 2016. Lockheed Press Release
2015-03-15 4799 L-100-30 act C-GHPW   SAFAIR
Note: not sure if registration has changed/what it has changed to
2015-03-03 3827 HC-130P wfu 62-1863   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: PCN not listed
2015-02-XX 5764 HC-130J act 2007   USCG LM Aero Marietta, GA
Note: in flight test
2015-02-XX 5767 KC-130J act 9018   USMC LM Marietta, GA
Note: in flight test
2015-01-XX 5545 C-130J-30 act 02-0314   USAF Lockheed Martin, Marietta, GA
Note: Not sure if the aircraft has left since 12-2011
2015-01-21 4367 MC-130P wfu 69-5820   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
2015-01-11 3736 C-130E pre 62-1789   USAF McChord AFB Museum, WA
Note: SWA repaint near completion, lacks markings. As we posted on our Webpage, the Museum received a late Christmas present from the 62d Maintenance Squadron (62d MXS) when their painters finished painting the South East Asian camouflage on our C-130 Hercules (s/n 62-1789) on Friday. Yes the last time we talked about the on again - off again paint project, it was not scheduled to restart until early 2015 - but late last year, a window of time opened up in the busy schedule of the 62d MXS where they could give our C-130 the required attention. After a long wait - we're almost there ! Exterior markings (unit & maintenance) and detailing are still required before the "Hurk" is rolled out with it's new identity as one of the more beloved aircraft of the 36th TAS - s/n 63-7788.
2015-00-00 5762 MC-130J act 12-5762   USAF AFSOC
Delivered: Ferried from Marietta to Kaden AB, Japan.
2014-XX-XX 4855 C-130H act 79-0475   ANG 120 AW 186 AS Great Falls Air National Guard Base, Montana
2014-12-20 4349 AC-130H wfu 69-6575   USAF 16 SOS Hurlburt Field AFB, FL
Note: to be preserved at Hurlburt field AFB, FL Read more....
2014-12-15 5761 MC-130J act 12-5761   USAF AFSOC
Delivered: DD250 2014-12-15 First MC-130J for Kadena AB, Japan
2014-12-14 4710 L-100-20 wfu TR-KKB   Gabon AF Liberville, Gabon
Note: towed to Port of Owendo
2014-12-11 4179 MC-130P wfu 66-0220   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
2014-12-03 5760 MC-130J act 12-5760   USAF AFSOC
Delivered: DD250 2014-12-03 to RAF Mildenhall, England
2014-11-25 5759 MC-130J act 12-5759   USAF AFSOC
Delivered: DD250 2014-11-25 to RAF Mildenhall, England
2014-11-06 4165 MC-130P wfu 66-0215   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
2014-11-03 4380 MC-130P wfu 69-5831   AMARG AFSOC Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
2014-10-21 4156 MC-130P wfu 65-0993   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
2014-10-08 5757 MC-130J act 12-5757   USAF AFSOC RAF Mildenhall, England
Delivered: Ferried from Marietta to RAF Mildenhall, England
2014-10-07 3688 C-130E wfu N307SA   Snow Aviation AirNet Ramp Rickenbacker Airport Columbus, OH
Note: Now AirNet itself in receivership. Its Georgia-based receiver filed a foreclosure lawsuit on 7 Oct 14 on Snow’s C-130, seeking $997,000 in unpaid storage fees that continue to rack up at the rate of $1,000 a day. Read more...
2014-0X-XX 5753 AC-130J act 12-5753   USAF AFSOC
2014-09-22 4098 HC-130P wfu 64-14865   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: PCN 385395
2014-09-15 4348 AC-130H wfu 69-6574   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: PCN 380398
2014-09-00 4681 C-130H act 74-1689   AAF Kabul

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