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 Date LPN Model Status Reg: Owner/Operator Command Division Wing Group Squadron Flight Location
2014-08-XX 3074 C-130A ia 55-0047    Fort Benning, Ga
Note:  Paratrooper ground training
2014-08-06 4094 HC-130P wfu 64-14863   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: PCN 385392
2014-06-11 4138 HC-130P wfu 65-0983   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: PCN 385386
2014-06-05 3822 C-130E act 62-1858   USAF Warner Robins ALC
Note:  to Ethiopia under Foreign Military Sales (FMS)
2014-04-16 5001 C-130-30 act NAF918   Nigerian AF Marshall Aerospace
Note: following a 20-month, almost complete rebuild, the aircraft conducted a 2-hour test flight from Cambridge airport
2014-04-07 4346 AC-130H pre 69-6572   USAF Cannon AFB Air Park
2014-04-04 4352 AC-130H wfu 69-6577   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: PCN 380400
2014-03-XX 4131 NC-130H act N439NA   NASA Wallops Flight Center, VA
Note: Still NC-130H? C-130H?
2014-03-XX 4696 KC-130R act 160020   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: To Tinker AFB, OK for depaint, to Ogden ALC Hill AFB, UT. Foreign Military Sales to Japan as 9055
2014-03-28 5640 C-130J-30 des KC-3803   Indian AF 77 Sq
Crash: 72 km or 115 miles west of Gwalior. The plane was on a routine flying training mission, said an air force spokes person to news agencies in India. Unconfirmed reports suggest it was flying on a low level tactical mission to avoid radar. Amongst the dead are reported to be Two Wing Commanders, two Squadron Leaders and another crew member, said the spokesman
2014-02-17 5384 C-130T act 165314   USN VR-62
Name: Shenanigans
2014-02-11 4919 C-130H-30 des 7T-WHM   Algerian AF
Crash: crashed into a mountainous area en route to Constantine. 77 of the 78 persons onboard were killed.
2014-02-07 4344 AC-130H wfu 69-6570   USAF AFSOC AMAC
2014-02-00 3946 L-100-20 des 3946   PhilAF Mactan Air Base, PI
Note: Broken up 2/14
2014-01-XX 3227 C-130A act N119TG   International Air Response
Note: Used to film a segment for "Top Gear" (USA) at Coolidge, AZ. Season 5, Episode 2, "Desert Trailblazers".
2014-01-27 4371 MC-130P wfu 69-5823   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
2014-01-09 3844 C-130E des 63-7778   HVF West LLC
Note: scrapped
2014-01-08 4314 C-130E des 68-10934   HVF West LLC
Note: scrapped
2014-01-03 4045 C-130E des 64-0550   HVF West LLC Tucson, AZ
Note: scrapped
2013-XX-XX 4472 L-100-30 des S9-BAS   Transafrik International Lokichokio, Kenya
Note: Airframe still there but completely stripped of spare parts.
2013-14-XX 3530 C-130BZ act 409   SAAF
Note: Used to transport former South African President Nelson Mandela to Mthatha Airport where he was then given a ceremonial military escort to Qunu for burial.
2013-10-19 3821 C-130E pre 62-1857   USAF Carolinas Aviation Musuem
2013-10-09 4640 C-130H act 1675   Afghan AF
Note: DVIDS article
2013-09-XX 4901 C-130Q act N130FF   Coulson Aviation
Note: in operation as air tanker. - Tank capacity of 3,500 gallons - Desired drop speed is 124 to 130 kts - Desired drop height is approximately 200 ft. - Tank Cost Installed $3.5M - RADS XL Net Wt. 2,300 lbs - Slides in and out in one hour - Gravity Constant Flow - Flow Rate 1,600 gal/sec. - No additional crew required - No additional equipment required - Quicker load jettison, 2.2 sec.
2013-09-15 4226 C.3P pre XV202   RAF Cosford Museum
 aircraft officially handed-over to Cosford Museum
2013-08-10 3010 AC-130A pre 54-1623   USAF Marietta Aviation Museum, Marietta, GA
Note:  Thread: Ghost Rider on the Move
2013-08-08 3788 C-130E b/u 62-1825   HVF West Tucson, AZ
Note: Scrapped
2013-08-01 3780 C-130E b/u 62-1818   HVF West Tucson, AZ
Note: Scrapped. Unsubstantiated report the flight deck became a simulator/trainer?
2013-05-31 4007 MC-130E pre 64-0523   USAF 711 SOS Cannon AFB
Note: gate guard
2013-05-22 4121 HC-130P wfu 65-0973   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: 20247.2 hours CF7986
2013-05-19 5560 C-130J-30 act 04-3144   USAF 19 AW 41 AS Forward Operating Base Shank, Afghanistan
Crash: On 19 May 2013, at approximately 0950 Zulu (1420 local), a C-130J, tail number (T/N) 04-3144, assigned to the 41st Airlift Squadron, 19th Airlift Wing, Little Rock Air Force Base (AFB), Arkansas, ran off the end of a runway at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Shank, Northeast, Afghanistan, struck a ditch which collapsed the nose gear and eventually ripped the right main landing gear from the fuselage. The right outboard engine struck the ground, pressurized fuel and oil lines were broken, fluid was sprayed over the cracked engine casing, and the right wing caught fire. The mishap aircraft (MA) came to a full stop at approximately 544 feet (ft) off the end of the paved runway surface. The mishap crew (MC), Aeromedical Evacuation (AE) crew and two ambulatory patients safely evacuated the aircraft through the top flight-deck emergency escape hatch meeting 600 ft off the nose of the aircraft. There were no fatalities, significant injuries or damage to civilian property. The total estimated loss is $73,990,265. The MA was on an AE mission and included five active duty C-130J crewmembers from the 772nd Expeditionary Airlift Squadron (19th Airlift Wing deployed), Kandahar Air Base (AB), Afghanistan. Additionally, the MA had aboard six reserve AE crewmembers from the 651st Expeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron (349th Air Mobility Wing and 433rd Airlift Wing deployed), Kandahar AB, Afghanistan. The mishap sortie happened on the third of five planned legs that day to an airfield that was at 6,809 ft Mean Sea Level (MSL) and experiencing winds varying from 200 to 250 degrees gusting from 6 to 28 knots. On the second attempted landing, the MA touched down approximately 1,500 ft down the runway but was 27 knots indicated airspeed (KIAS) faster than computed touchdown landing speed leading to the aircraft going off the end of the runway at approximately 49 KIAS. The Accident Investigation Board (AIB) president found, by clear and convincing evidence, that the causes of the accident were poor Crew Resource Management (CRM) and mishap pilot one’s (MP1) late power reduction causing a 27 KIAS fast touchdown at a high altitude airfield (6,809 ft MSL). Additionally, the AIB President found by the preponderance of evidence that each of the following factors substantially contributed to the mishap: 1) Channelized Attention; 2) Risk Assessment; 3) Delayed Necessary Action; 4) Response Set; 5) Procedural Error.
2013-05-17 4068 MC-130E wfu 64-0562   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: PCN 8183. Type 300 temporary storage. 21,856.2 hours
2013-05-01 3990 MC-130E wfu 62-1843   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: Type 3000 temporary storage. 23,035.1 flying hours
2013-04-XX 4046 MC-130E wfu 64-0551   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
 PCN 8179. Total hours 20,333.7
2013-02-15 3035 C-130A act N130SA   Intenational Air Response Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport
2012-XX-XX 5225 L-100-30 act P2-LAE   Lynden Air Cargo Papua New Guinea
Note: Registered P2-LAE in 2012 or 2013. Unsure of date but prior to Nov 2013. Operating in Papua New Guinea for oil exploration companies.
2012-XX-00 3140 C-130A pre GZN   SVAF Khe San
Note: Museum, painted green overall with GA tailcode
2012-12-24 5638 C-130J-30 act KC-3801   Indian AF
Note  This is a "place holder" entry:
2012-10-XX 3771 C-130E wfu 62-1810   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF0275
2012-09-25 3999 C-130E wfu 64-0515   AMARG
Note: 2810
2012-09-19 4065 MC-130E wfu 64-0561   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: PCN 5752. Location: AMARG 21 Type 2000 storage (parts reclamation) Final Hours: 21,263.3
2012-09-12 4104 HC-130P wfu 65-0964   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: PCN 6054
2012-07-14 4963 C-130H-30 act NAF917   Nigerian AF
Mishap: An Arik Airline Boeing 737-700 registration 5NMJI brushed the wing of C-130 4963 which was parked at the Jos Airport. The #1 tank/wing tip of the 4963 was damaged. The wing of the Arik aircraft was damaged and hung on the 4963.
2012-07-01 5363 C-130H des 93-1458   USAF 156 AS
Crash: MAFFS 7, MAFFS-equipped Air Force C-130H, assigned to the 145th Airlift Wing, North Carolina Air National Guard, Morris Field, Charlotte, crashed in southwest South Dakota while fighting the White Draw Fire, killing four crew and seriously injuring two. Read the USAF accident report at The following crew members were lost in the crash: Lt. Col. Paul K. Mikeal, a C-130 Hercules pilot Maj. Joseph M. McCormick, a C-130 Hercules pilot Maj. Ryan S. David, a C-130 Hercules navigator Senior Master Sgt. Robert S. Cannon, a C-130 Hercules flight engineer
2012-07-00 5690 C-130J-30 act 130617   CAF
2012-03-15 5630 C-130J-30 des 5630   RNoAF 335 Sq
Crash:  The aircraft was on its way from Evenes in northern Norway to Kiruna in the far north of Sweden when it went missing around 3 pm. Pieces of wreckage have been found on both sides of the South Peak of the Kebnekaise mountain range. (Google Earth coordinates approx: 67°54'4.92"N 18°31'26.22"E)
2012-03-01 4527 C-130E des 1506   Polish Af
Note: Scrapped at Mazari Sharif, Afghanistan.
2012-02-XX 5207 KC-130H wfu 130342   Canadian AF
Note: not expected to fly again due to damage from aux pump fire
2012-01-XX 3750 C-130B act 403   SAAF
2012-01-XX 3935 C-130E wfu 63-7865   AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Note: CF0293

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