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Ardmore AFB. first C-130 delivery


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I am looking for information about the first C-130 delivery to USAF at Ardmore AFB in 1955.

I believe I have a resin model of the C-130A that was presented to TAC commander by Lockheed during the aircraft delivery ceremony.

It is 100% dated to Ardmore AFB and sometime between 1955 and 1956.  

Can anyone help out?

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"The formal presentation of 55-023 to the Air Force was December 9, 1956. "

Here is an excerpt from the article:

  Ardmore Air Force Base
Ardmore, Oklahoma
and the
Southern Oklahoma Area

The full article can be found here:


"Five thousand people attended the open house December 9, 1956 at AAFB to celebrate the arrival of the first C-130A Hercules, the "City of Ardmore," delivered to the USAF. Formal presentation of the aircraft was made by Robert E. Goss, CEO of Lockheed Aircraft Corp. to General O. P. Weyland, CO of TAC, representing the USAF. Five C-130s with crews from the Lockheed plant at Marietta, Georgia flew here for the presentation. One aircraft demonstrated the planes versatility by dropping 18 A-22 containers across the field from the grandstand. A F-6 fuel truck, Nike Ajax missile, and T-56 engine test stand were aboard one aircraft to demonstrate the capacity of the transport. The Air Force Thunderbirds flying North American F-100 Super Sabres were only represented by two aircraft. The other four had been 'shut in' by bad weather. Prior to the ceremonies, the crack AF Drum and Bugle Corps put on a 25-minute show. Five COs of the five TCWs of the 18th AF were in attendance. Fast Forward Note: The formal presentation of 55-023 to the Air Force was December 9, 1956. The date shown on the data plate of 55-023 is December 7, 1956, the day it no longer belonged to Lockheed. The "City of Ardmore" was retired, October 9, 1989, after nearly 30-years of dependable service. It is on static display at Linear Park, Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas. It does not have the original assigned name, "City of Ardmore", on the fuselage but that information is on the plaque near the aircraft. Fast Forward Note: An Ardmoreite associated in the 1980s with the newly organized Greater Southwest Historical Museum, Ardmore, attempted to locate the "City of Ardmore" and ask that it might be returned to Ardmore when deactivated from service for static display at the GSHM. After much effort, she located the C-130 and was amazed that the military had no idea it was the first C-130A delivered to the AF. It was scheduled to be destroyed as a drone by heat seeking missiles as part of a training exercise. Long story short, the aircraft was saved and Lockheed restored 55-023 to its original condition and colors. Her request was denied but her effort to preserve history saved "City of Ardmore" 55-023 from annihilation. Our belated THANKS to Jimy E. Brady Rose, deceased, and her quest to bring an Air Force historical-first home! Fast Forward Again: The first factory delivered Lockheed C-130H "Hercules" was received by the Oklahoma Air National Guard, Oklahoma City."

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My uncle, J.O. Garrett, was a Production Test Pilot likely at the time of the delivery, and later Chief Production Test Pilot at Lockheed in Marietta, GA.  I recently corresponded with Darwin Martin who grew up and lives in Canton, GA.  He sent me a picture of J.O. flying a C-130, and in the note with the picture said that J.O. delivered the first C-130 to Ardmore, OK (we live in Edmond, OK) and that the name of the plane was "City of Ardmore" and that it was on display there until about 1995.  I Googled City of Armory C-130 and found this page.  I see from above that it is now at Dyess AFB in Abeline, TX.

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