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Three Engine Performance


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Hello expert herc crew! In the performance manual of c130 E through H models, it is stated that 3 engine ops will cause certain changes in torque and fuel flow. The author at one point (3 eng ops) states it as fuel flow loss of 08 pounds per hour per engine. On the other hand, for 2 eng ops he calls it a fuel flow decrease of 24 pounds per hour per engine. Why the difference and what to interprete from this. The picture of mentioned paragraph is attached, pls. Kindly throw some light on it.


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Things that make  no sense...

I had to go back and reread the paragraph and they have swapped the words between the two sentences...

1)Torque decrease of 257 - fuel flow loss of 8

2) fuel flow loss of 24- torque loss (see chart)

But yes I would say the intent is the same but to say it is due only to TD is not accurate but easier to associate the idea.

(subtract these values from the basic chart calculated values)

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