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Anupam Chandra

Question regarding K-Loaders and forklifts

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I'm an engineer working on Pallet Loaders/K-Loaders. I want to understand about the cargo loading and unloading procedures, specifically the use of Pallet Loaders and forklifts.

  1. When is a pallet loader used and when is a forklift used?
  2. Pallet loaders can only provide a horizontal movement of the pallets from and to the aircraft. Since forklifts are required for the vertical movement from and to the dunnage, then why not directly use a forklift to unload the aircraft, one pallet at a time.

Thanks in advance for the help.





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Pallet loaders are used mainly because a full aircraft load of pallets can be weighed and C/G of the load can be worked out and can be loaded on the K loader(AF lingo) and brought to the aircraft in one trip. Saves a huge amount of time loading the aircraft. K loaders have vertical movement and power rollers to move the pallets onto the aircraft. One at a time forklift loading and unloading is for small bases or airfields that don't have large cargo handling facilities. Bill

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