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Keystone Kapers-----for you Naha Guys


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I know, I know, I have mentioned this booklet several or more times over the years. Anyway, I finally found it and made a copy of the front and back covers.

I am not able to copy the inside pages without taking all of it apart. So, here is what it looked like, and I guess I must have bought it at a BX on base. Probably the Flightline BX.

All of the book doesn't pertain to all of us, but I am willing to bet it will bring back memories. If any of you guys have a good way  of putting together some more books, let me know. 

The two pictures I am posting are just the front and back  of the book. I have been calling it the Naminoue Capers incorrectly!  

Let me know if you have one of these. I Can't be the only one can I?    

Thanks for looking,





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Sonny, thanks. I found a place today that knows just what I want, and what they would cost each. Of course they haven't seen the booklet yet!  The best part is there is no minimum order.

I will let you know when I see them again. Probably next  week.  There is some funny but true things that I had forgotten about in that booklet.

I remember now that I should have read the book before I ever went down town!😀

Bug me if you think I am dragging my feet! I do have a developing case of CRS.



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Naminoue sounds better makes me think of my second home when back at Naha and not in country. Have you Ken or Sonny heard of or read Sam McGowans "Jacks Steakhouse" ? Of the books he has written finally us "maintenance pukes" getting some recognition !! I am sure 2 Crew/Chiefs as yourselves will identify with the characters involved. As a rebuttal I apologise for using the "Maintenance Pukes"  

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