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CARA intermittent


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KC-130T buno 313 and up,

Having an issue where the CARA will lose altitude intermittently while in flight. Sometimes it will happen on takeoff or descent other times it will happen while cruising. (Aircrew will sometimes associate it with nav select switching but cannot be duplicated) CARA will fluctuate under 50 feet while airborne causing GPWS to go off for low altitude sometimes resetting the breaker will return it to normal other times if terrain changes it will return to normal on its own. Have replaced pilots indicator, CARA R/T and antennas but gripe still remains. Also I have shot the cables with a TDR and they seem normal. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




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You can't TDR antenna lines for this system because of the reciever sensitivity of the RT unit. It is over -140db if memory serves correctly. You can rebuild the connectors,  build new cables or swap with another aircraft to see if it fixes the problem. A majority of these kinds of problems are the cables/connectors. Not sure where your R/T is located, or how long the cables are. I built a set of cables just for troubleshooting for several of the different platforms I worked. Also, are there any in line connectors in your aircraft? 

Do you guys still have NATEC civilians?


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