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GTCP85-180 APU


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We have 2 GTCP85-180 APU's with two different issues.

1. This APU will not accelerate to full speed at all. You hit start and the starter turns the engine and combustion is occurring but doesn't go past about maybe 10% and stays there until I hit the off switch. I checked if there were any loose air lines and there were none. Any ideas? Bad starter? Broken FCU shaft? 

2. This second APU just shuts down after maybe about 5 minutes of operating. No loads on it at all, it just dies. Could it be that fuel solenoid on the FCU or maybe the centrifugal switch? Is there any way to test what it could be without just swapping parts?

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First one sounds like a bad fuel cluster, also pull the combustion liner and check for coking.


Second could be a number of things: fuel cluster, speed switch, oil pressure sequencing switch, broken wire, dry solder joint on a cannon plug, bad 110% solenoid ..... be fun to debug it on test stand.

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